Micah Richards, Arsenal rival Patrick Vieira or Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United hero Roy Keane reaches one million followers on Instagram

Roy Keane’s arrival on Instagram drove soccer fans crazy last week, and it’s no wonder the Man United hero already has a million followers.

The favorite soccer nutter is probably the last person you’d expect to see on social media, but here he is.

His first post appeared last Friday: a selfie with his dog that read: “A man’s best friend.”

The Irishman then urged his followers to show some love on Valentine’s Day by uploading a picture of his Nottingham Forest days, being strangled by Stuart Slater and Ian Bishop of West Ham.

Third, it was a photo of him and his grandson “always smiling.” Disclaimer: they weren’t.

But while there’s little doubt that Keane’s Instagram will be quite the show, one question remains: who will he follow first?

The 49-year-old has yet to hit the follow button, even though there are a lot of people on the app that we think might interest him.

We actually contacted Betfair to find out who the favorites are …

Who will Keane follow first on Instagram?

Micah Richards: 2/1 Gary Neville: 5/1 Jamie Carragher: 7/1 Paul Scholes: 12/1 Marcus Rashford: 14/1 José Mourinho: 20/1 Cristiano Ronaldo: 20/1 David Beckham: 25/1 Patrick Vieira : 25/1 Paul Pogba: 33/1 Kylian Mbappé: 33/1 Lionel Messi: 40/1

Micah Richards is an obvious favorite, and given his unlikely bromance with Keane, it’s possible the former Man City defender inspired the move to Instagram.

It’s surely no coincidence that Richards exposed Keane to viral videos of himself online just days before the former United captain hit social media.


When asked about his irresistible positivity and burgeoning bromance with Keano, Richards recently told talkSPORT Breakfast: “Of course, I’m always shooting full blast, upstairs and at them!

Sky sports

There is never a dull moment when Keane and Richards are on our screens

“You have to face the day with positive vibes!

“Roy Keane, as I’m the blue half of Manchester, you always have respect for those guys and their careers, but I never thought we’d have a relationship like that!

“Working with him is an absolute pleasure, a great blessing.


“Sitting next to him, sometimes I look to the right and the boy amazes me.

“He’s an amazing character and just a great guy.”

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