Michel proposes imam schools to curb Islamist radicalization

The European Union moves in a difficult balance between his goal of hitting a terrorism which is multiplying its shares in Europe in recent weeks and the risk of stigmatize a Muslims Y migrants.

The Interior Ministers decided yesterday beef up its arsenal against violent extremism by better closing borders, reinforcing Frontex, combating terrorist propaganda on the internet and forcing digital platforms to remove material considered dangerous in a minimum period of time.

But they also targeted two other areas: the preparation of the magnets and the attitude of the migrants. Concerned about the radicalization that some people experience in European territory, the ministers want to “promote that religious education and training, preferably within the EU, is in line with European values ​​and fundamental rights”, according to the declaration they approved. The day before, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, had gone further, directly calling for the creation of magnet schools. “The training given to the imams who practice in Europe does not take sufficient account of our fundamental values, in particular freedom of thought and gender equality,” said Michel, who recovered the idea of ​​setting up institutions to train the imams .

On the other hand, the declaration also requires migrants to make an effort to integrate. “Integration is a two-way street. This means that an active effort is expected from migrants to integrate, ”says the approved version, which is softer than the initial draft that proposed sanctions against migrants who did not make this effort. The intervention of countries like Spain and others lowered the final text. “We would have liked that not even this was recorded,” said Interior sources, but stayed for the sake of consensus. Spain preferred to transfer these comments to the debate on the migration pact and not include them in the fight against terrorism.

The declaration of the ministers of the European Union took place on the fifth anniversary of the attacks on the Bataclan theater and outside the French stadium in Paris, and with the ministers bearing in mind the attacks of the last weeks in different French, German and Austrian. President Emmanuel Macron and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz are precisely two of the leaders who have insisted most on strengthening the Schengen area against the terrorist threat.

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