It took until last month, until Windows 10 has finally overtaken the usage share of Windows 7. However, the older operating system is still very popular. Mainstream support for Windows 7 was discontinued in January 2015. However, Microsoft's extended support, which has been running for five years, has continued to provide security updates and patches for known issues. However, this should end on January 14, 2020, exactly one year after today.

Cessation of support could be a nightmare for businesses, as 43 percent of companies still use Microsoft's nine-year-old operating system, according to a new report "Death of Windows 7" by the content delivery company Kollective.

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Kollective's research found that 17 percent of IT departments were not sure when the end of the support period would end, while 6 percent knew the end of support but did not have to start planning migration from Windows 7.

Not that Windows 7 is the oldest operating system found on corporate computers. According to Kollective, 16 percent of IT professionals still use Windows XP and Windows Vista, although their support ended more than three years ago.

Dan Vetras, CEO of Kollective, said: "In just one year, these results should be worrying in the business world: When migrating from Windows XP, some big companies took up to three years to move all systems to the new operating system change now in less than 12 months, and those who do not need to pay for extended support, with the largest organizations paying more than $ 1 million a year to stay on Windows 7. "

Enterprises with 10,000 or more terminals would have to pay Microsoft over $ 1.4 million annually to continue to receive support for Windows 7.

Vetras adds, "Most worryingly, this migration is just the first step, and once companies start using Windows 10, they need to continuously update their systems under Microsoft's new Windows as a Service model Increasing adoption means frequent updates on all systems – something that many IT departments find impossible due to outdated infrastructure. "

Are you and / or your company still running Windows 7? If so, what are you planning if extended support ends next year?