Microsoft Office runs on beta compatible with Apple Silicon

A few days ago Apple launched what are the new Macs with their own processors. Apple Silicon along with the M1 chip will make the company advance many positions given their potential. It only remains for the developers to fine-tune their applications to be compatible. Microsoft Office is already on its way with its new beta.

Microsoft Office wants compatibility with the new Apple processors as soon as possible

Whenever a new operating system comes out there is a process in which a series of betas or programs in development are launched so that, precisely developers can fine-tune their programs and there are no compatibility issues.

In this case we are talking about a new processor and therefore a new way of executing tasks so it is also necessary to get ready. We also have macOS Big Sur. Developers must get the batteries if you don’t want your programs to be the last to run on the new Macs.

Microsoft Office has released its Apple Silicon compatible program and is currently in beta phase, that is, in the testing phase. The person in charge of giving the news has been the main software engineer Erik Salgo and home Schwiebert through Twitter.

We do not yet have a final release date of the Microsoft Office program in its final version and fully compatible with Apple Silicon, so we will have to wait and see how events unfold.

If you are interested or interested in joining the beta program for Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac, it is as easy as joining through the following link. Even though It never hurts to read the messages of others who have already joined before to see how things go. You have information in the forums of Microsoft Y Twitter.

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