Midweek Hot Weather for the City of Austin | Your City Austin Digital Edition

hopefully he won’t come back with this guyof situations and the authorsthey try to determine whoperformed this tasteless deedwithin the work of goodlike.valeria: we have to take care of ourcia, hopefully soonsolve.let’s see the conditionsof the time we are seeing ifthe cloudy ones but patiencebecause in the next few hours inthe afternoon with more conditionsclear, what I’m going toanticipating that the heat ispresent, keep this in mind,light clothes for the nextcome on, this afternoon we will bemarking temperatures atmid-high 80s, lensessun also stops necessary,as we get tothree or four in the afternoonwe will be seeing conditionsclear wings.in the matter of rain reallyin dry stage is the one thatprevails for the nextCome on, we need rain onour area but for themoment we are not receivingreally no kind ofprecipitate, whatjust be patient.what I anticipate is that withconditions and temperatureselevatedfor tomorrow and Friday,90s from now on, wowgetting ready, keephydrated, let’s startprotect our pets,let’s try to decrease activitybe free especially whenwe have extreme heat wavesHow will we see them tomorrow and heFriday, including the endweekdays too, on Saturdayit is pleasant, themedium 80,but for Sunday thetemperatures, mark in the 90sso very attentive and have itnecessary to protectlittle ones in the conditionsfrom the heat, now that manyThey are attending schools.tomorrow in this prognosisextended we will be dawningwith mist, during the morningwe will see that scenario,we transcend there mostlycleared, 93 can beour maximum for tomorrow, theweekend at elevated worksand next week we wantgo back to the mid 80’s, tohave a little patiencethese next ones.in the state capital wewe maintain with conditionsdry during remaining uncleanwork and next weekworking temperatureskept in the 90s for thepóximos dos ías, savo de los84, Sunday 90 and for the momentpossibly one or the otherlight drizzle for Mondayin the late evening, stillwe are anticipating and waitinglittle to see how the models gounfolding in the next

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