Other family members of Meghan Markle come forward to talk about the Duchess regarding the actress she allegedly cut off since she became queen. After Markle's father Thomas Markle and half sister Samantha Markle had spoken publicly about her several times, her 80-year-old uncle Mike Markle reveals his thoughts on the royal family member and describes her as a "prima donna".

"Meghan has risen socially and left us behind, that's how I feel," he told him Daily mail,

"I think that happens when you are undervalued and try to rise above the reality of your situation," he added.

Mike was by no means a distant relative. In fact, he was a former diplomat who helped her fill a position as junior press officer at the American Embassy in Argentina when she was just 20 years old to do a prestigious internship. The king considered a career in international relations.

"Coming from her past, she may have a chip on her shoulder," he said of his niece. "It could be that part of the problem she has with her sister-in-law, Meghan is in some ways immature."

"I have the feeling that she is behaving not only towards family members but also towards other people," he continued.

But he does not blame Markle for her behavior, he shows characters on her father, his brother.

"It could be that she is bossy towards employees because she was spoiled by my brother," he confessed. "He did her a lot – more than his other kids, Tom spent more time with her and helped her out at school and so, Tom has more of a relationship with her than with the other kids, that's a problem."

Then he described her as a "prima donna" and said, "She is a prima donna because he has treated her very well."

Her uncle explained that he wanted an invitation to their wedding and was even ready to take her father's place, as he was unable to lead her down the hall, but he received nothing. Like the rest of her family, he said that he did not communicate with her because he understood that "they do not accept mail in the palace."

"I do not know what I would say to her if I could write to her, it's up to her to take the first step as far as I'm concerned," he said before adding, "I probably did it more for I spoke personally with the Ambassador in Argentina, I helped her and I did not ask anything in return If she wants to have a closer relationship, she must come from her She is the one who has crossed the line me. "

With Markle and her husband at the center of controversy and public inquiry over the past year, they've decided to take a much-needed vacation break and spend time with their mother in the US.


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