Million-dollar works on the Duran Stream in Neuquén advance

Government obtained an economic expansion for the first stage of the works already completed on the Durán Stream, and additional tasks will be carried out, assured the undersecretary of Water Resources of the province, Horacio Carvalho.

There are three bridges in execution on the route of the Arroyo Durán route, which is an entrance to the Lima Riverand that enters the rural area in Valentina – Balsa las Perlas area – and again drains over the river at the height of the clubs, such as the Biguá.

In that journey of almost 10 kilometers, two bridges are under construction on Avenida Olascoaga, another on Ignacio Rivas and the tasks in the drainage area of ​​Calle Saavedra have been completed, behind the sports city

“We have several stages in the works on the stream; the first one was finished and we got an additional one for the partitions at the height of 127 hectares.

The crossing with Saavedra was already finished, and there in the area of ​​127 the concrete side walls are made, as in the area of ​​El Biguá, or El Tenis, or Ignacio Rivas street, ”said Carvalho.

The area of ​​127 hectares is where the attenuation lagoon is located, which serves to evacuate the stream when in extraordinary storms it receives all the water that comes from the western stormwater. There, the stream has a conduction capacity that exceeds 4,000 liters per second.

The Arroyo Durán at the height of Saavedra Street, which in 2021 will flow behind the Jumbo area along the street in progress to Lanin. (Photo Yamil Regules)

The bridges over Olascoaga avenue, in the section to Río Negro, correspond to stage II. In the front on Río Negro Street, a wall was thrown and the trees were cleaned to place the concrete partitions, the slopes.

The second stage was in execution until August 2.019 for almost 59 million pesos, cor corresponding to a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank obtained through UpeFé.

Carvalho assured that they are in the final steps to obtain approval before the IDB of the third stage to improve the conduction of the Arroyo Durán, which is a new bridge at the height of Leguizmón Street. In this way, from Gatica to Ignacio Rivas, the Durán will be partitioned with concrete with railings and a walk on its sides.

“That will be completed with the section that is projected between Saavedra and Gatica, the procedures are advanced in the UPeFe to advance with the tender,” he said, of the third stage.

With the culmination of all sections, The sides of the Arroyo Durán will be a natural walk similar to the Paseo Costero in the riverside area of ​​the river, but on the edges of the stream that rises in the Limay at the height of Valentina and that crosses 10 linear kilometers through different neighborhoods until it ends in El Biguá .

Along its journey, sidewalks and recreational equipment are projected for aerobic traffic. “At the end of the works we are going to get from Saavedra -in Valentina- to Biguá- in the Belgrano neighborhood- with paths, sidewalks and walks,” Carvalho said.

The main function of that stream is that it collects all the rainwater in the city to derive them from the wall –in Gran Nequén and Valentina north- to the Limay river.

Only in front of the 127 hectares there is the “expansion lagoon” that seeks to confine in the place the excess water that carries the top of the Durán during exceptional storms. In this sector, which for the last rainstorm some 9 hectares were enabled, work was carried out to finish with a depth of about 40 centimeters and a lagoon with a total capacity of 12 hectares.

The Arroyo Durán is a natural branch of the Limay, which begins in the Valentina area and returns to the river at the El Biguá club. It collects the rainwater from the entire plateau with its canyons (photo Yamil Regules)

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