A new automotive survey suggests that more than one and a half million drivers over age 55 have driven with an alcohol level above the allowable limit.

The study for Direct Line Motor Insurance also predicted that the actual figure could be much higher, with more than 3.6 million drivers in the same age group claiming they could have exceeded the limit while driving.

The most common excuse relied on by interviewees for driving while intoxicated was that the trip was short.

In addition, more than two-thirds of those surveyed thought that men could drink more than women and drive safely, when in fact it depends on many factors such as: is not limited to weight, drugs and on a diet.

Steve Barrett, Head of Auto Insurance at Direct Line, said: "It is clear that young drivers are not the only offenders in impaired driving.

"Motorists can become complacent as they get older, because they feel so much behind the wheel, but tolerance levels vary a lot depending on the type of bodywork." Not feeling drunk or traveling A short distance safe to drive.

"If a driver exceeds the limit, the safety of the driver and passengers of their car are not the only factors that threaten, it also affects all other road users.

"We strongly advise anyone who has consumed alcohol, regardless of age, sex or weight, to seek alternative means of transportation."

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A driver drinks her own accident

In addition to the survey, Direct Line also analyzed the Department of Transport's data on breathalyser tests in England, region by region.

It shows that on average 15.3% of people over 50 tested failed. The Northeast had the highest failure rate at 18.5%, while Yorkshire and Humber had the lowest rate at 9.2%.

:: A nationally representative survey, commissioned with Opinium for Direct Line, asked British adults in 2008 how much they were driving under the influence of alcohol and the reasons that they were not drinking. they have advanced to justify their conduct. The survey was conducted from 19 to 21 February.