Mimo C1, an electric scooter designed to be differential

Can an electric scooter be flexible and can be used for different uses? Here are the keys to this technology.

The market for electric scooters has grown exponentially. For some time, this means of transport has become one of the best options to move around the city. Now, can there be an alternative to the options present today? The loading options can be very interesting for businesses and individuals who must transport weight on a daily basis.

Now, what are the requirements that they must meet? Design is one of the most important facets to value. The presence of a specialized structure and the inclusion of a distribution of the appropriate weight are some of the variables to consider. In fact, there are already variants designed to cover this segment. Now, what if there was a technology adaptable to each situation?

The Mimo C1 is a transformable electric scooter to cover various needs

Among the solutions provided, the Mimo C1 stands out for a number of special qualities. Among some of them, it is worth highlighting their autonomy and the ability to be flexible. Are we facing a variant capable of reach market levels at the model level from Xiaomi? The key is to get a model designed, above all, to transport all kinds of products.

This technology, which has been devised in Singapore, allows, with just a few steps, to propel the user at a reasonable speed if it includes equipment in the tray, basket or basket. In addition, it allows easily replace the ability to include various types of compartments, so the possibilities of this technology can be greatly increased.

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Let’s see, therefore, what are the qualities of the electric scooter model designed by a Singapore company, what we can learn about this innovation and, of course, to what extent it is a solution capable of being successful in the future. Flexibility in urban mobility has become a differential element to be valued today.

An electric scooter with very specific functions

Can an electric scooter serve as a means of transport for the day to day and be used as charging equipment? The key to this product lies in the arrangement of several unique elements in the sector. Among them, it is worth highlighting the presence of an easy-to-install battery. Thanks to it, it is possible to enjoy a range of up to 25 kilometers.

This, therefore, shows us that it is an innovation designed, above all, to cover short distances due to the weight that must be carried. The operation is very simple. Weight can be carried directly or simply served as a conventional means of transport. To do this, a simple maneuver is enough, as can be seen in the previous images.

An innovation created to cover a series of needs with great potential

Among the many solutions to consider, it is worth highlighting the presence of a differential weight distribution. In fact, supports a maximum of 120 kilograms at the rear, while the compartment in the front area is designed to hold the equivalent of 70 kilograms. It is, therefore, an option that can perform well in places such as airports.

This proposal still requires funding. In fact, it is present in microfinance portals with the aim of making the project possible in the short and medium term. What would the prices that a technology could have of these characteristics if, finally, it is launched on the market? Several alternatives are being considered, here are some of the keys in this regard.

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A product whose first units would arrive in August 2021

Can this technology have a large audience in the medium and long term? It is expected that the start of production can take place in the short and medium term. The objective is the commercialization of a first print run of a few hundred units. From there, everything will depend on your reception. Well, at what price could this technology take place? The key is in the use of high quality materials.

Mimo C1 is an electric scooter designed to adapt to different situations. New Atlas

Would you buy a unit for $ 1,300? It may seem crazy, but the truth is that it has a whole technology ready to enjoy a unique service. In fact, it is expected that the competition is already designing its own proposals with the aim of bringing other variants of this class to the market. Even so, no other will arrive in 2021, as is this case.

We will have to wait to see what happens over the next few months. This innovation is expected to achieve meet this innovation in the short term. It is not ruled out that over the next few weeks new solutions will appear that make this electric scooter an even more differential proposal.

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