Mindfulness, according to the Star Wars saga

A workday that does not satisfy us can last nine hundred years and a family lunch where football, politics or religion is discussed will be as suffocating as a galaxy dominated by a despotic father. However, there is always new hope. The little book Be more yoda compiles a “philosophy from a very, very distant galaxy”: the author Christian Blauvelt brings together a selection of aphorisms (sorry for the anachronism: now they would say tweets) in which the famous Grand Master of the saga Star Wars It offers a compass for overcoming persistent negative thoughts, believing in your own abilities, or meeting challenges boldly. A guide for life that seeks answers in an existential question: “What would Yoda do?”

The exegetes of Star Wars They say that Yoda would be Plato’s favorite thinker, because it fits his vision of the soul as a source of wisdom and his idea that the love of wisdom leads to looking beyond embodied life. Yes Star Wars is one of the most complex mythologies of these times, and replaces the Greek or Latin gods in the collective unconscious, it is also possible to interpret a secret philosophy behind this star wars: cultural studies analyzed the stoic rigor of the Jedi Order , the scars of nihilism in the hero who becomes a villain or the notion of the Platonic republic in the age of Empire. But the book Be More Yoda departs from classical philosophy with the speed of a Millennium Falcon when it proposes: “A mind in harmony. Inner calm. A positive influence on the world ”. Perhaps in tune with the last incarnation of his race (the one that appears in the series The Mandalorian, where he’s a fifty-year-old baby thought to be a stuffed animal), this Yoda seems less enlightened by thought than by self-help. The advice, drawn from his dialogue in the movies, is the ABC of mindfulness, an appeal to the search for mindfulness as a path to greater awareness.

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“It’s about being present while taking control of your future,” Yoda says, and this little book reveals a phenomenon of the time: the replacement of religion, philosophy, and psychoanalysis by behavioral disciplines that attack symptoms and promise quick solutions. to conflicts. “It will help you become the master of your own life”, concludes this meditative version of Yoda that offers the Jedi path to wholeness in few sessions: “As if you were one with the Force even if you don’t lift rocks with your mind.”


Five Keys of Master Yoda to Achieve Mindfulness

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