Minister of Health on the purchase of syringes: They formed a “storm in a glass of water”

The Ministry of Public Health regretted that a “storm in a glass of water” had formed with the issue of the purchase of syringes, publishing an overvaluation that never occurred because it referred to a purchase process that had not concluded.

“There was no chosen supplier or an established purchase price. We had not opened the proposals ”, he highlighted.

“Nothing is so good that it cannot be better, but the facts are more eloquent than words and we have fulfilled our duty, assumed the mission with responsibility and coordinated with all instances, although the fundamental column is the MSP,” said Arias.

He argued that in the six months of his government he has served the country and President Luis Abinader with dedication, honesty and full time, whom he now supports with more fervor and commitment than he had when he accompanied him on the road to gain power.

“The Ministry of Health has done its job and faced the pandemic with good results, as reflected by all the indicators: low positivity, very low fatality, low occupancy of health centers, and the praise made by the World Tourism Organization to the current health security protocols in the country ”.

Promise favors purchases of supplies

However, he said that even though this lends itself to misunderstandings, he agrees with the decision for the Program for Essential Drugs and Central Logistics Support (Promese-Cal) to handle the purchases and supplies of medical supplies and medicines for the public sector.

He understands that the measure is “an action for institutional strengthening of the State health structure.”

Dr. Plutarco Arias said that PROMESE / CAL is the specialized state institution created to operate as a supply center to meet the demand of the public health system and is an entity dependent on the MSP, and henceforth, those responsible for processing purchases of this type in the MSP, they will coordinate with that entity to take care of acquiring supplies.

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“In reality, the needs of the Ministry in this field have been greatly reduced, since it is the National Health System (SNS), which now has the responsibility of managing state hospitals, and these are the ones that generate the greatest demand”, it said in a statement.

Dr. Arias recalled that PROMESE was created by presidential decree in 1984 and its initial main function was to create a network of pharmacies to lower the cost of essential drugs for the most vulnerable population.

Later, he said, the decrees issued in 2012 and 2013 expanded the role of this MSP program to operate as a central supply of medicines, health supplies and laboratory reagents to meet the demand of the public health system.


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