The hopes of a Brexit breakthrough rose last night as ministers readied to return to Brussels with a new legal formula to repair the hated Irish "stops".

According to sources such as Attorney General Geoffrey Cox and Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay, Eurocrats will make new proposals to calm MEPs in talks on Wednesday.

    Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay said the attack remains a key concern for MEPs

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Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay said the attack remains a key concern for MEPs

UK and EU lawyers will be considering what changes could be made either to the withdrawal agreement itself or as additional pledges before a Commons Brexit vote is passed next week.

Critically, this means that the Commission has accepted the possibility of legal changes.

The move came when Tory Remain Ministers put pressure on Theresa May yesterday by warning her of 22 ministers. Helpers could stop blocking a No Deal in the February 27 ballot.

Employment and Pensions Minister Amber Rudd and Economics Minister Greg Clark called on them to publicly advocate the extension of the Brexit negotiations if no agreement can be reached.

Mr Barclay said yesterday after the talks in Brussels that the vagueness of the restraint system remains the 'key problem' of the MEPs.

Both Mr Cox and Mr Cox have spoken in talks with EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

Mr. Cox, the government's top lawyer, "also shared his thinking on the legal way forward" to overcome the deadlock.

The pair will return tomorrow to desperately search for some form of words that will convince Tory Eurosceptics and the DUP.

The backstop is designed as an insurance policy to keep Britain in line with EU customs rules if a new trade is not undermined.

Brussels boss Jean-Claude Juncker said yesterday that the EU is "in God's hands" through Brexit.

Nobody should doubt the solidarity of the EU

Simon Coveney

He said that the EU would not oppose a UK request to extend Article 50, but the doubts, according to the July discussion, could extend beyond July when MEPs return after the European elections.

Mr. Juncker said, "When it comes to Brexit, it's like being in the courts or on the high seas – we're in God's hands.

Only hours earlier, Ireland had apparently barred new concessions on the attack.

Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney said Dublin would not even accept a "keyhole operation" to the resignation agreement to help Theresa May pass the parliament.

And he promised that Ireland would not be urged by Britain to accept a compromise, insisting that "no one should doubt the EU's solidarity with it".

Member States, the Commission and the Council have declared privately that they are open to streamline the deal.

Mr Coveney's uncompromising remarks came shortly before the meeting of the British team with Mr Block's chief negotiator.

The Irish deputy prime minister said in Brussels that he was "frustrated" by British demands.

He said: "I do not think there is an appetite in the EU for reopening the revocation agreement and changing the text.

"We should review the future relationship statement for changes when changes are desired or required.

The resignation agreement is the result of so many negations that, in my opinion, there is no room for change

Stef Blok

"We want to find ways to ensure the security and clarity the British Prime Minister needs to sell this deal in Westminster.

"But that does not mean opening the revocation agreement again. The demands of the British Parliament and the government must be reasonable. "

He was supported by his Dutch counterpart Stef Blok and the European Commission, which said that the resignation agreement will not be reopened.

Mr. Blok said, "The resignation agreement is the result of so many negations that I do not think there is room for change.

"The political statement could provide room for this. We need clarity from the UK, which amendments would help. Then we have to decide if they are acceptable to the EU. "

Japan's anger over the hurry in the UK

JAPAN threatened to end this week's dealings with Britain after British ministers told them to hurry up.

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and Trade Minister Liam Fox told their counterpart, "Time is of the essence".

Tokyo officials were upset and almost discarded, the Financial Times claims.

A Commission spokesperson added, "We are pleased to rethink anything that would clarify the situation without reopening the resignation agreement, but to help our British partners build a majority in the House of Commons."

However, Mr Barnier has secretly informed the Member States that he believes that a new wording allowing Mr Cox to change his legal advice is the key to overcoming the agreement.

An EU diplomat told The Sun: "Barnier sees Cox's council as crucial to getting swaying MPs on board. We're approaching the last chance to save the deal. "

    Mr Cox has examined legal options to overcome the deadlock


Mr Cox has examined legal options to overcome the deadlock
    Theresa May was warned that ministers could stop blocking a no-deal

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Theresa May was warned that ministers could stop blocking a no-deal
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