Ministry of Labor may allow women to work as aircraft mechanics

The Ministry of Labor has prepared a draft order to exclude the professions of aircraft mechanics and aircraft maintenance engineers from the list of prohibited for women. This is stated in the response to the request of Senator Inna Svyatenko, reports TASS.

“In order to update and decipher some items on the list of industries, jobs and positions with harmful and hazardous working conditions, which limit the use of women’s labor, a draft order of the Ministry of Labor has been prepared, which provides for the exclusion of the subparagraph “b” paragraph 57 of this list, ”the document says. This subclause includes work as an aircraft mechanic on airframe and engines, on instruments and electrical equipment, radio equipment, parachute and rescue equipment, on fuels and lubricants, as well as work as a wing technician and engineer who is engaged in the maintenance of aircraft and helicopters.

On January 1, an updated list of industries, jobs and positions with harmful and dangerous conditions came into force, where the work of women is limited. The new list has only 100 items instead of 400. Now women can become an electric train driver, a boatswain or a sailor on a ship, a driver of heavy trucks.

For information on how the list of professions prohibited for women has been updated, read the publication of Kommersant, “The list was limited to workers’ bans.”


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