MinSalud and the Sena begin to train medical personnel on the vaccine against covid-19

FILE PHOTO: Oezlem Saki, a member of a German Red Cross vaccination team preparing the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for employees and residents of a residence in Dillenburg, Germany, on January 7, 2021. REUTERS / Kai pfaffenbach

In order to train the country’s health personnel in the context of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health (MinSalud) and the National Learning Service (Sena) They opened the course called “Management of Vaccination against covid-19 in Colombia”, to train the frontline team about the National Vaccination Plan. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that the immunization sessions are carried out in an effective and biosecure manner.

“There will be synchronous meetings that require dedication of two to three hours a day and It will be developed through high technological mediation with the use of platforms and guided by SENA instructors. The didactic resources will be located in a specific space to access these contents and guarantee technical unity in training”, Detailed Kattya Baquero, director of Human Talent in Health at MinSalud.

This course lasts 48 hours and is completely virtual. The deputy director of the Sena Health Services Center, Nora Luz Salazar Marulanda, explained that the training modules included the study of technical scientific issues on the coronavirus, everything related to the logistics of the vaccination plan and a special emphasis will be placed on explaining what type of vaccines will be used in Colombia.

Remember that so far the country has bought 49 million doses of vaccines acquired directly with the laboratories Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Jhonson and Jhonson, and a part acquired through the COVAX mechanism. Most vaccines are conventional, except for the 10 million doses developed by Pfizer that are deep-frozen. This type of medicine needs refrigeration and special treatment to be preserved, that is why It is important that health personnel learn to identify and handle each type of vaccine.

Due to the proposed curriculum, MinSalud and Sena emphasize that The course can only be taken by doctors, nurses, dentists, bacteriologists, assistants or nursing and public health technicians from the country.

In order to access the course, interested professionals should enter the website of MinSalud and look for the registration link, or enter it directly through this link: https://forms.gle/d1FfZsCQyh19VHqo8. Once the candidate is registered, this too must register in the institutional platform of the Sena, SofiaPlus, to create a username and password that allows you to enter the virtual class system.

MinSalud emphasizes that participants who complete the training, as long as they comply with attendance and a good grade at the end of the activities, they will obtain the Sena approval certificate. According to the entities, this document will be sent eight business days after completing the course.

According to official information, throughout the country there will be 7,900 vaccinators in 3,000 vaccination posts to meet the government’s goal of immunizing between 160,000 and 170,000 Colombians daily. For this, hospitals, clinics and other places chosen by MinSalud and local governments will be available.

Taking into account this panorama, the deputy director of the Sena Health Services Center, Nora Luz Salazar Marulanda, stresses the importance of medical staff taking this course.

“The course on the management of vaccination against Covid-19 contributes to the strengthening of the capacities of workers in the health sector, reflecting in better quality and safety conditions for the administration of the vaccine and specifically contributing to overcoming the crisis and improving the country’s health and living conditions. Likewise, it makes a special recognition to the different actors who have participated in the construction of this program, ”said the official.

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