Miralem Pjanic, the new problem for FC Barcelona

It cost more than € 60 million, although his signing took place in the framework of an exchange with Arthur Melo that gave the previous board the possibility of meeting last season’s budget. But since your arrival, Miralem Pjanic He has been a minor player in Ronald Koeman’s plans.

Follow after this announcement

And at 30 years old, not only does he seem far from being able to resume his best version that we saw in Italy, but he has also not helped to improve the many problems that the world has. FC Barcelona. Not a goal or a single assist in 23 games for this midfielder who is also a recurring substitute.

A challenge for the new board

Therefore this footballer who ends his contract in 2024 has it really difficult to continue at the club. A high salary that is around € 10 million per year (according to various sources) is probably another factor that plays against the Catalan entity, and seeking accommodation will be one of the challenges of the new board of directors, as they coincide in highlighting today Sport Y Sports world.

Its price has plummeted and more in contrast to the value that was given last June. So it will be one of the first decisions that the new board will have to address, but unless it clearly and quickly improves its performance, its exit seems certain. If a new destination is found.

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