‘Miserable b ***** d’ refers man for having spread the spirit of the community with the doors of the fairies

The kind creator of fairy doors scattered throughout his city received an official complaint from a “miserable b ***** d”.

In an attempt to spread some community spirit and “let’s hope we make people smile,” Phil Tutton started attaching small wooden doors to the trees around Garden Village, Hull.

By last July, 30 gates had appeared across the area, with different names written on them.

They were also decorated with illustrations of animals, soccer balls and other colorful designs.

Now Mr. Tutton has received a complaint from someone concerned that he is damaging the trees.

There are 30 fairy doors in the whole area
There are 30 fairy doors in the whole area

“I started opening the fairy doors after I got the idea from a fairy sanctuary near York,” he said.

“The first ones were stolen, so I screwed them to the trees and called the first ones after some of the local children I knew and it snowed from there.

“So far, I have had nothing but encouragement. There are also some celebrities including the mayor of Hull and Peter Levy.

“The initial complaint surfaced yesterday [Thursday] about the damage to the trees, but I pointed out that there was no more damage caused by the doors than by the nesting boxes on the same trees, so I was told that I was not allowed to put them there because the area is a conservation. “

Mitch has his door
Mitch has his door

Tutton turned to social media to express his complaints about the complaint.

“Since yesterday I have received hundreds of messages of support and encouragement, so we will not let them win,” he said.

“We plan to make a slight change to the doors to satisfy conservation workers, make all children and residents happy, but hopefully they will still annoy the complainants.

“They [the person who contacted him from the council] I asked if I would remove them from the trees, but so far I have not yet said how we plan …

“They didn’t mention the accusation directly, but they said it was a crime to do what I did, I took it as a threat.”

Another was reserved for Alice
Another was reserved for Alice

Since then, Mr Tutton has decided to delete the indications.

“It didn’t bother me at all,” he said. “In a way, I like to upset miserable b ****** and know that it made almost everyone smile and enjoys going out for a walk in the open air with their children. It’s worth it.”

A Hull city council spokeswoman said she had invited Mr. Tutton to work with the council on any future plans.

He said: “Following complaints from residents, the council called for the removal of fairy doors from trees in the Garden Village.

A door was labeled “Peter Crouch”

“Garden Village is a protected area and, as such, all trees are protected by the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act. It is therefore an offense to attach anything to a tree that could cause harm.

“Having spoken to Mr. Tutton, we understand that he is planning to remove the doors within the next weekend and we would like to thank him for his collaboration.

“We have invited Mr Tutton to collaborate with the board on any future plans.”

Tutton told Hull Live even if he will remove them it is adamant that they will not leave the area.

“I told them [the council] that I would remove the doors from the trees but they will not leave the area, “he said.

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“They asked what projects I am planning and then they will look at my plans and see if they can give permission for them.

“I certainly won’t do anything this weekend, but I said it would be in the near future depending on the work and the weather.

“Too many people have enjoyed the doors of the fairies to defeat the miserable moaning killers.”


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