A teenage teenager was found missing in Glasgow on Sunday afternoon.

Diana Rezmives was last seen on Hinshaw Street in Maryhill.

The 15-year-old had probably got into a red Volkswagen van when she disappeared. The police asked her to find her and the vehicle.

The police have now confirmed that it was found "safe and sound" and thanked those who responded to their call.

Officers searched CCTV footage for clues on their search for the missing teenager.

Before the police from Scotland confirmed that it had been found, the police said it had "extensively investigated."

Inspector Donald Stewart said earlier, "Despite extensive inquiries, we could not find Diana.

"We continue to review CCTV footage for more information that could help us track it down.

"She's only 15 and we just want to know she's fine.

"I would appeal to anyone who saw Diana or had information about where she could contact us."

The police said Monday afternoon that the teenager had been found.

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