“Mission: Impossible 3” on Netflix: is the film running there?

Action-packed entertainment promises “Mission: Impossible 3” with Tom Cruise. We’ll tell you whether the film is streaming on Netflix.

These action films are only available on Netflix:

IMF agent Ethan Hunt is probably Tom Cruise (“Top Gun”) best known role. In Mission: Impossible 3, the third film in the franchise series, Ethan has retired and enjoys normal small town life with his wife Julia, played by Michelle Monaghan (“Eagle Eye”). But his past catches up with him faster than he would like when his former student is kidnapped. Ethan soon faces a new enemy, the psychopath Owen Davian, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman (“The Talented Mr. Ripley”). Ethan’s wife, who actually doesn’t know anything about his double life, is drawn into the action. We’ll tell you here whether you can see the action-packed blockbuster on Netflix.

“Mission: Impossibe 3”: Alternatives to streaming on Netflix

There are now six parts in the action franchise “Mission: Impossible” that Tom Cruise made famous in 1996 in one fell swoop. The third film in the series is the most elaborate part to date. It was directed for the first time by JJ Abrams (“Star Wars”), who gives the third part its very special look and has also been involved as a producer since the fourth “Mission: Impossible” part.

At the moment you can only watch the Netflix in this country fourth part the “Mission: Impossible” series “Phantom Protocol” and the fifth part Stream “Rogue Nation”. All other “Mission: Impossible” parts, including “Mission: Impossible 3”, can be found on Amazon Video, among others. You can also find the third part of the action series at the following streaming providers:

You can find the current streaming providers for “Mission: Impossible 3” at any time on our overview page.

“Mission: Impossible 3”: Here’s how the action franchise continues

“Mission: Impossible 3” not only takes place six years after the second part, but has made the action franchise even more popular. The last part “Fallout” was only released in 2018, but the next two “Mission: Impossible” films are already in production.

Like so many Hollywood projects, “Mission: Impossible” had to bow to the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic, but there is good news for fans: The filming for part 7 is already back and a release date has been set. The seventh part of the franchise is expected to appear in November 2021. Until then, the previous six parts, including the JJ Abrams hit “Mission: Impossible 3”, offer plenty of exciting streaming entertainment.

Are you real “Mission: Impossible” fans? Then you can easily do this quiz:

Mission: Impossible Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Action Series?

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