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Justin Bieber mandó customize su Rolls-Royce Wraith 2018 and, after more than three years, you already knew the final result. The task, carried out by West Coast Customs, was inspired by the 103EX Vision 100 concept car. This was released by the same brand 4 years ago and some media referred to it as the Rolls-Royce of 2035.

Justin Bieber’s futuristic Rolls-Royce was called Uriel for the team West Coast Customs and, although it is known that the price of the original car was 330 thousand dollars (more than 6 million 800 thousand Mexican pesos), until now we do not know how much the singer paid for the change of look. This even involved an advanced audio system, which was part of the last details that were added to the design.

Justin Bieber x Rolls Royce: Model and price of his futuristic car

Photos: Instagram West Coast Custom.

rolls royce justin bieber

rolls royce justin bieber

The singer’s new vehicle is made in silver, with giant and hidden tires, as well as high grill. The results of the customization of the car made both Bieber and Ryan Friedling, founder of West Coast Customs, will cry with emotion. This is not for less, since in the end made a vehicle that not even Rolls-Royce thought of producing to be driven.

Among the changes made to Justin Bieber’s car was also a replacement of the engine for an electrical system; as well as the change of the mirrors for small cameras. It is not the first time that the singer collaborates with West Coast Customs, who were also in charge of putting animal print to your Audi R8.

Justin Bieber's One Of One Rolls Royce | West Coast Customs

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