Mojang brings DLC with Star Wars themes

11/18/2020, 2:52 p.m.

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Star Wars fans can now download an expansion pack with characters, planets and textures for their Minecraft installation. Baby Yoda is also on board.

Im Minecraft-Store A DLC (Downloadable Content) with motifs from the Star Wars trilogy and the new series “The Mandalorian”, which introduced the iconic character of Baby Yoda, is now available. The expansion package can be accessed from your own Minecraft installation, including mobile devices.

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Star Wars DLC: Comprehensive world package with many well-known characters

The expansion pack is offered by Minecraft developer Mojang himself and includes a map with twelve different planets as well as matching textures, objects and skins. There is even a licensed Star Wars soundtrack.

You can also play the popular rebel space glider X-Wing Startfighter. However, they can only drive and not fly.

The expansion package costs 1,340 Minecoins in the game currency – which is the equivalent of around eight euros. The new DLC is not a premiere for Star Wars in Minecraft. As early as 2014 there was a pure skin pack with motifs from the all-epic for around three euros.

Minecraft adds another 20 million players within a year

Even over ten years after its release, Minecraft remains one of the most played video games ever. As recently as October, the Microsoft-owned Mojang development studio announced that Minecraft is now actively played by 130 million players.

Mojang advertises the expansion package directly in the game in the Microsoft Store. (Screenshot: t3n)

That is an increase of around 20 million players within one year. Mojang had already recorded a similar increase in the past year, so that the gladly given declaration that the corona pandemic and exit restrictions would have had a significant influence, at least in this case, is not plausible.

Mojang will force Microsoft account from 2021

It remains to be seen how the recent decision to make a Microsoft account compulsory for the Java version of Minecraft will be received by the community. From spring 2021, all Java version players will have to replace their Minecraft account with a Microsoft account.

It should remain with two variants for the PC. Players can choose between the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. While the Bedrock variant is sold via the Microsoft store, the Java edition is also available outside the store. In addition, the Java version supports significantly more mods, which made it the more popular edition.

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