Mom gamer, a trend that grows around the world

“Mom gamer”, a growing trend – #Gaming

In 2020, the consumption of video games grew in Argentina with the appearance of new gamers since increased the number of players by 20%. More than two-thirds of mothers play video games but only 48% perceive themselves as “gamer”.

When you imagine a player, who do you see? That was the trigger for an investigation by Activision Blizzard Media junto a Alter Agents. There is more of 2.7 billion players worldwide and the research aims to understand the diversity that exists among gamers.

Said investigation, with women between the ages of 25 and 54 who have at least one child under the age of 18, gamer mothers represent the majority of the general of this rank. More than two-thirds of moms play video games, yet of this group, only 48% who play describe themselves as gamer.

“The girls we play with grew up. Time passed and now we are mothers, Some became professional esports players, others are still fans of triple A games, others may have found different paths within the universe of artistic, experimental video games, or take advantage of the free time they have for more casual games and then they will return to that old friend of the game“, he told Infobae Gaming Maria Lujan Oulton, director of the GameOn! Exhibition, co-founder of the GAIA (The Game Arts International Assembly) event and part of the Women in games Argentina group. “Others of us are in an impasse with young children finding new titles and enjoying other game modes. In one way or another we are many players who are inhabiting this ecosystem and who are creating a new playing space, “he continued.

Most gamer mothers play on their phones and at least on another platform, like console or PC (Shutterstock)

The growth of mobile games has a key role for mothers. Research highlights that more than 90% of gamer moms play cell phone titles at least once a week, and more than half, 74%, play these types of games daily.

Not only do they play on their phones, most of the players do so on mobile devices and at least one other platform (console or PC). And they also enjoy triple-A action titles, developed by large studios, with high budgets, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), for example Genshin Impact.

Oulton recommends several games for different platforms. Mentions The under presents (an immersive theatrical adventure powered by Oculus Studios); adventure titles like Journey, Night in the woods, What remains of Edith Finch, Gris, Firewatch Y The Return of the Obra Dinn; Inside (side scrolling platform game and puzzle solving); Y Sportsfriends (indie multiplayer).

Journey, a timeless adventure, for PS4, Windows and iOS

Journey, a timeless adventure, for PS4, Windows and iOS

What the research makes clear is that there is no typical “gamer”, or stipulated “mom gamer” model. Some moms, particularly those who only play cell phones, see games as a lonely activity. Others experience it as a social activity that helps them stay close to their family and friends.

Among gamer mothers, those who play on a variety of platforms are the biggest consumers of content. Their consumption in social networks is 30% higher than that of moms who do not play.

Additionally, gamer moms believe that entertainment improves their mood compared to non-gamer moms. This sentiment only increases when looking at mothers who play on multiple platforms, who have even more positive attitudes about entertainment and gaming.


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