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Mom hired flash cars that were used by Mancunian drug dealers – who were involved in a budding war with a gang of Scooters


A mom hired flash cars that were used by county pushers to ship heroin and cocaine from Manchester to Scotland.

Vanessa Stansfield, 28, was involved in the operation through her boyfriend, who led drugs north of the border. He will be sentenced later.

The Manchester evening news he previously reported how Llewellyn Campbell led the gang, transporting class A drugs from Manchester to the “profitable” drug market in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

They took advantage of vulnerable drug addicts by “cooking”.

The area was the subject of a “budding war” between the Manchester gang and a rival Liverpool criminal group, which stormed one of the Scottish shelters that the gang was using.

“Where are the Mancs?” Asked an attacker as they savagely beat two drug addicts installed on the property.

Vanessa Stansfield

Manchester Crown Court heard that when Campbell’s right-hand man, Macauley Peacock, was arrested, Stansfield’s boyfriend took over as a drug courier.

Stansfield has hired a BMW and Audi in his name, which have been used by the drug gang, said prosecutor Henry Blackshaw.

In a “reason-based” document, Stansfield said cars were not rented solely for the use of drug dealers.

He also traveled to Scotland in May 2017 with his fiancé and stayed in a Glasgow hotel when police raided and seized around £ 5,000 of heroin and cocaine crack.

His DNA was found on the sock where the drugs were stored. The sock was discarded during a police chase.

Stansfield told the police that she had gone to Scotland because she thought her partner was cheating on her.

In defense, David James claimed that Stansfield’s offense occurred when she reconciled with her boyfriend, the father of her children.

Stansfield hired used cars from the gang

He described the relationship as “toxic”.

Stansfield, a mom of two, now feels “humiliated” and “embarrassed” by being in court, James said.

Judgment, Judge Richard Mansell QC told Stansfield: “It is clear that you have been involved in the margins of this illegal drug supply operation because of your relationship, a man with whom you have had a troubled relationship to say the least since you met him almost a decade ago. “

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Describing her as a “capable and caring mother”, the judge added: “I am not going to sentence you to imprisonment because of your limited involvement and lack of prior convictions.”

She was sentenced to an 18-month community order to include 20 days of rehabilitation activities.

Stansfield, who lives on Dowson Road, Hyde, has pleaded guilty to helping another person commit a crime, namely the supply of Class A drugs.

In a previous hearing this month, Campbell, 25, of Harpurhey, was jailed for eight years, and his right-hand man Peacock, also 25, was for two years.




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