Mom, of First Baby Killed by COVID-19 in Oregon, Talks About Her Experience

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UMATILLA COUNTY, Pray. – Ashley Wadley reported that her son, David James Wadley Jr., passed away two days after being born prematurely.

The boy fought for his life for two days before testing positive for COVID-19 and passed away.

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Ashley said that she tested positive for the coronavirus on January 11. She

he couldn’t get out of bed and had a fever.

Since she was nine weeks away from giving birth, Ashley became concerned.

On January 14, Ashley reported that her son was not moving as much as he should and began to worry even more.

The next day, Ashley called the doctors and soon after began having contractions.

Doctors told Ashley that the baby’s heart was racing, that he was stressed, and that they would need to have an emergency C-section.

David Wadley Jr. was born weighing just 3 pounds, 15 oz. The baby was airlifted to Kadlec Hospital while Ashley remained in a Pendleton hospital.

Ashley said she never had a chance to meet David.

Ashley thought the baby was on the mend because the doctors were able to remove the breathing tubes because he started breathing on his own.

On January 17, David started to get worse. Doctors noticed that the baby’s lungs were affected, Ashley said.

David started having seizures and had a brain hemorrhage.

At 9:37 pm on January 17, Ashley said she ‘got that call that no parent wants to get.’ “My baby passed away at 9:34 pm and tested positive for COVID,” Ashley said.

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According to the CDC, it is possible, but extremely rare, for children in the womb to contract coronavirus in the womb.

“The majority of newborns who tested positive for COVID-19 had mild or no symptoms and recovered. However, there are some reports of newborns with severe COVID-19 illness,” the CDC reported.

Ashley and her husband are struggling emotionally and financially. The pandemic has been difficult for the couple who are raising two other children.

Ashley shared her story because she wants others to know that it is possible, although extremely rare, for a fetus to contract coronavirus while in the womb.


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