Monroe Soccer League fourth date full of surprises

We entered the fourth date of the “Monroe Soccer League” where the Xelaju chapines took the undefeated from the Marauders who were well “enrachados”, but did not count that the rival surprised them, in a shower of goals

Those of Xelaju were already tired of having played a previous game. Not even so, the Marauders could stop the Castillo brothers, since they both scored 2 goals each and Marcos Rojas scored the fifth to win by 5 to 4.

Successive wins on the fourth date of Monroe Soccer League

The Michoacanos sink more on the fourth date than the Warriors who do not see one; as they fell again this week by 4 to 1.

The Eagles come down from the cloud to Santos, who brings a tremendous cadre of athletes, but this time the Eagles were well inspired, as they won 3 to 1.

While Zacango continues to be undefeated and also remains at the top in the general table, since he won his match against the Descontrol team, which also still cannot add, since he lost 4 to 0.

For its part, Arsenal beats Deportivo Hidalgo by default, which was conspicuous by its absence this week.

To close with a flourish, America is recovering since it beat Carranza by a 7 to 3 win.

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