Mora Godoy, on her relationship with Gustavo Sofovich: “I don’t want to put labels or have expectations”

Mora Godoy, on her relationship with Gustavo Sofovich: “I don’t want to put labels or have expectations”

Just a few weeks ago, producer Gustavo Sofovich “bleached” his relationship with Mora Godoy. This Saturday, the dancer too gave details about the link that unites them and explained that at this time, it is important for her that the man who is by her side understand her profession and that her priority is her daughter. In addition, he announced that they are working on a joint project.

In dialogue with Catalina Dlugi in her radio cycle Hold on Catalina, Godoy began by expressing: “I am very good with me at the moment. The time factor is important, because one has to let each other be known and known. There is a moment when one is already grown up and has already gone through other couples.” And, specifically about his romance with the producer, he indicated: “I don’t want to put labels or have expectations. The important thing is that he understands the profession that I lead and that I have a daughter.”

Regarding the work project that unites them, he revealed: “He is producing something that is for me. I awakened more creativity in this pandemic because it allowed me to have more time to think, and he is a very good producer. He produced many things, some that for They don’t know each other there. And now he reinvented a program (Controversy at the Bar)”.

Regarding what he expects at this stage of his life from the company of a man, he specified: “I would like to have a life partner who understands my profession very well and with whom he shares the same language. That is very difficult in my environment, and in previous relationships they have not understood me “.

Speaking of the crisis that shows are going through due to the pandemic, Godoy said: “Seven months have passed. We are going to have to restructure to go back to work. And we, as we are not a company, we do not receive ATP, we do not charge the IFE. I am very concerned about how to turn it around, not only for the head, but for the body as well. “

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