Morata meets again: The keys to his resurgence

Álvaro Morata’s present it has changed radically in just a few months. Without finishing settling in at Atlético, the Spanish striker packed his bags again for Turin to meet again with Andrea Pirlo, this time in the role of coach, Cristiano Ronaldo Y Paulo Dybala, with whom he already coincided in his stages at Real Madrid and the previous one at Juve, respectively. His readjustment to Serie A has had an effect and Luis Enrique Martinez He has recovered an important piece for the Nations League and the European Championship next summer. The keys to its renewed brilliance on the pitch are several:


UEFA Nations League

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The first factor was highlighted by Morata himself at a press conference: “I am the same person, the same player, but in the end it changes being on the field or not being“. Diego Simeone never finished giving him full responsibility for Atlético’s attack and those doubts were transferred to his game, victim of having to share the leading role with Diego Costa and João Félix in the Metropolitano. At Juventus, Andrea Pirlo has bet with eyes closed by Morata as their starting striker and that confidence is paying off right now.

Morata, Gerard, Alcácer, Rodrigo … looking for a ‘9’ for Spain

Adaptation to Dybala and Ronaldo

His landing in Turin has not meant a new period of adaptation. Juventus is a club that is committed to continuity, so most of Morata’s teammates this season were already wearing White black in the first stage of the Spanish battering ram in the football (2015/16 season). Paulo Dybala’s game is no secret for him, and neither is Cristiano Ronaldo’s, thanks to Morata’s Madrid stage (2014-16). Both the Argentine and the Portuguese know the virtues of Morata and vice versa, which has allowed him to shine from the first days and regain his place in the national team. His coach, Andrea Pirlo, was also his partner in that first year in Italy, so he knows how to boost his football.

More attack oriented

Juventus is the dominating team par excellence in Italian football, which forces it to take the initiative in practically all Serie A matches. This means that Morata can think much more about the offensive side than the defensive, a philosophy that prevailed. at Atlético until last season. “We seek to put ourselves at his disposal in the game and free him for one on one,” Pirlo confessed, giving him stripes as a reference player freed from defensive efforts, a great difference from what he experienced in Madrid.

The new Morata: the 9 that the National Team needs?

Family factor

It is no secret that Morata needs to feel loved wherever he goes, and in Turin the family situation is ideal. His partner, Alice Campello, is Italian and that contributes greatly to Turin being a destination to feel comfortable in. Unlike London, where Morata acknowledges that his time at Chelsea was not positive at all, in the Piedmontese capital he has the balanced family factor and social recognition that makes him feel important at Juventus.

Coaches confidence

Andrea Pirlo had it clear when he assumed the reins of Juventus after the dismissal of Maurizio Sarri: his nine would be Álvaro Morata. With six goals and two assists in eight games between Serie A and the Champions League, the Spanish fans have rediscovered the Madrid striker. For his part, Luis Enrique Martínez has restored his confidence as an international after not having him in his first calls after his return. The numbers of Rodrigo Moreno and Gerard with La Roja have not been overwhelming and having the best Morata back could be key for Spain to be favorites in the Nations League and the Eurocup, with a more direct game. Against Switzerland it will be possible to see if their return is to stay or if Spain, and Morata, will continue to be involved in doubt and without a clear style to bet on.


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