More exclusive to Xbox ?: Microsoft is about to acquire more video game companies


By Alexandro Santos | January 13, 2021, 5:04 PM

Everything seems to indicate that Microsoft wants to continue growing and have more and more exclusives for Xbox. According to the journalist Brad Sams, insider specialist in information of said console, currently there are economic offers on the table of many companies.

On his official Twitter profile, Brad Sams He assured that the intellectual properties of video games are rising, due to the offers that are being made from various points.

And although he did not mention that it was a specific move by Microsoft, users began to speculate with this possibility, due to the close connection it has with Xbox.

‘There is a lot of money circulating around video game companies right now, with many of them receiving multiple offers. I’m not sure when or if any of them will be shut down, but IP costs are rising, ‘wrote the insider of Microsoft.

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Is Asobo Studios in the Xbox crosshairs?

Since 2018, Microsoft began with the acquisition of different video game developers and studios, such as Playground Games and Obsidian Entertainment, with the aim of increasing its catalog to Xbox.

The strongest blow came a few months ago, when the Phil Spencer announced the purchase ZeniMax Media and Bethesda, with which it was done with the studies in charge of franchises such as Doom, Dishonored, Wolfenstein and many more.

Microsoft did not give clues about a new movement in the market, but according to reports, could acquire Asobo Studios, who was in charge of creating the recent Flight Simulator.

microsoft, asobo studios, flight simulator

Only time will tell what the next goal of Microsoft, but it seems that we are close to witnessing more movements in the video game industry.



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