More football Pirès’s new life in Ibiza

Robert Pirès, former world champion with France in 1998 and former player of teams such as Arsenal or Villarreal, has started a new stage of his life in Ibiza with the support of the Peña Deportiva Santa Eulàlia. Pirès works as a physical retrainer at the Second Division B club, having previously done so at Arsenal. The former soccer player settled on the island at the end of summer as a result of the arrival of his two sons to the lower categories of the Ibizan entity.

However, Pirès is not only responsible for the rehabilitation of injured footballers. In each training session, he contributes his knowledge to a group of players focused on progressing and moving up in category, despite currently being in the middle of the classification. When the coach of the Peña Deportiva Santa Eulàlia, Raúl Casañ, learned of Pirès’ interest in getting involved in the day-to-day life of the club, he did not hesitate to welcome him with open arms.

In addition to dedicating most of his time to the Peña Deportiva Santa Eulàlia, Pirès also works as a sports commentator in France for broadcasts such as Canal + or M6.

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