More Neighborhood 2: the drama of starting over after every storm

The residents of Mas Barrio 2, one of the sectors most affected by the intense rainfall in the early morning, live with uncertainty every rainy day, given that the land where the humble buildings are located is usually flooded and, in many cases, must be evacuated from their homes.

That is why they request the Municipality to intervene in the land to avoid flooding and material losses caused by the presence of abundant water in the dwellings.

“There are no sewers here, there is no canal. The water is all stagnant and every time it rains the same thing happens. We flooded. I had water inside my house and it is the same problem that all the neighbors who live two blocks away have. around, “Selva (a neighbor) told Telefe Noticias.

With the storm of wind and rain unleashed in the early hours of Thursday, there were many evacuated neighbors and others who chose to remain in their homes “because there are many robberies and insecurity.”

“Now the water dropped a little, but now you have the humidity. I woke up at four in the morning and had water up to my ankles. Only at noon did something come down. We called 109, Civil Defense, they wanted to evacuate us and we said no. They told us to call the Villa Rosas delegation from where the neighborhood supposedly depends. They told us that they can’t do anything and that we contact the fire department, “he described.

According to the woman, the public servants said they could not intervene either and that they had contacted “someone from the Municipality to send a backhoe.”

“It is not the first time that the neighborhood is flooded and when that happens, we are calling everyone and everyone says ‘it doesn’t depend on me, we can’t do anything’. The Municipality never came here,” he exclaimed.

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The neighbor considered that a pipeline should be built “because there is no water outlet”, and that is why the accumulation of liquid in the land is generated.

“Here it is populating very fast and there are many people who go out to work every day and we are not demanding something from another world. What little you have gets wet, you can’t do anything and it gives you impotence,” he closed.

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