Cheshire has been severely affected this week by floods throughout the county and weather warnings in place since Wednesday.

There will be more rain this weekend, but it will be mainly light showers associated with clouds and dry nights.

There is currently no weather warning in place for the weekend.


Friday – Chester will see heavy rains on Friday. However, this will change for cloudy conditions in the afternoon. There will be some sun at lunch time after a rainy morning. Highs of 15 degrees.

Saturday – Light rain is forecast for Saturday. The day will be cloudy before becoming rainy around 13 hours. Heights of 18 degrees and a dry night.

Sunday – Cloudy changing to light showers at noon. The morning will be dry on Sunday before it starts raining around 1 pm. It is expected that it will cloudy and that there will be highs of 17 degrees.

Parkgate Road in Chester


Friday – Crewe will see more rain on Friday. However, this will change for cloudy conditions in the afternoon. Summits of 15 degrees and light rain are expected in the evening.

Saturday – Saturday will be cloudy, becoming heavy rain showers in the afternoon. Summits of 16 degrees. It will begin to rain from around 16h.

Sunday – Another cloudy Sunday, with light showers late in the morning. The rain will become stronger around 10h but at 16h will be clearer. Summits of 17 degrees.


Friday – It will rain heavy rain in Macclesfield on Friday, however, it should be cloudy in the evening. Summits of 14 degrees.

Saturday – Saturday will see sunny periods that will become cloudy in the late morning. Rain is expected around 4 pm Summits of 16 degrees.

Sunday – There will be more sunshine on Sunday which will turn into light rain late in the morning. Summits of 16 degrees.

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Floods in Chester and Cheshire


Friday – Warrington will see more rain on Friday. This will change to cloudy conditions in the early evening. Summits of 16 degrees.

Saturday Saturday cloudy, becoming heavy showers in the afternoon. The rain will continue slightly in the night. Summits of 17 degrees.

Sunday – More cloudy on Sunday. Light showers expected around 13h and a dry night. Summits of 17 degrees.

A fire alert was issued in Winsford

Port of Ellesmere

Friday – Heavy rain Friday for Ellesmere Port that will become cloudy this afternoon. There will be a glimpse of the sun from 13h and again to cloudy from 15h. Summits of 16 degrees.

Saturday – More cloudy weather Saturday which will turn into heavy showers in the afternoon. Another dry night is expected and peaks of 16 degrees.

Sunday – Sunday, the weather will be cloudy with light showers from 13h. Heights of 17 degrees and another dry night.

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