More than 800,000 deaths from covid-19 registered in Europe, according to AFP count

More than 800,000 deaths from covid-19 have been officially registered in Europe since the start of the pandemic in December 2019, according to a count carried out by AFP on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. GMT, based on reviews provided by health authorities.

The 52 countries and territories in the region (which includes Russia and Turkey) totaled 800,361 deaths (compared to 35,395,270 reported cases), ahead of Latin America and the Caribbean (635,834 deaths, 20,021,361 cases), United States / Canada (502,064, 28,312,719), and Asia (247,730, 15,641,940).

Last week, the region registered an average of 4,478 daily deaths, 14% less than the previous week.

Since November 11, the region has recorded at least 4,000 daily deaths, on average, reaching even 5,700 deaths at the end of January, its record since the start of the pandemic.

For a month, the trend of contamination has been a clear decrease in Europe. Although the curve for the average daily deaths also sinks, the dynamics remains rather constant when it is returned to a longer timeframe.

Indeed, since the beginning of November, some 100,000 deaths have been registered every 20 days.

The threshold of half a million deaths passed on December 17, that of 600,000 on January 7 and then 700,000 on January 25.

The most affected countries in Europe are the United Kingdom with 116,908 deaths and 4,027,106 cases, Italy with 93,045 deaths (2,697,296 contaminations), France (81,488, 3,427,386) Russia (79,696, 4,057,698) and Spain (64,747 , 3,056,035).

In relation to population, the country most affected by the pandemic is Belgium, with 186 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Slovenia (178), the United Kingdom (171), the Czech Republic (169) and Italy (154).

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The death figures are based on the balances reported daily by the health authorities of each country and exclude reviews carried out a posteriori by statistical agencies on the basis of overmortality studies, as occurred in Russia, the United Kingdom and Spain.

Globally, covid-19 has caused 2.38 million deaths since the beginning of the epidemic in December 2019.

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