Mortality in Barcelona, ​​the highest since 1939

The pandemic has triggered deaths in Barcelona. Cementiris de Barcelona carried out 17,191 funeral services in the city last year, according to data provided by the town hall a Open Metropolis. The number of burials is the highest in the Catalan capital since 1939. That year, the last of the Civil war, 20,294 deaths were registered [ver aquí las estadísticas de muertes en la ciudad desde 1910-2009].

The month with the most burials and cremations of 2020 was recorded in April, during the peak of the first wave of the pandemic. That month, Cementiris de Barcelona performed 3,472 funeral services. In March, with the coronavius ​​completely out of control, the deaths that passed through the city’s cemeteries were 1,905. In November, during the second wave, services rose to 1,416. In contrast, the months with the fewest burials and cremations were the hottest, from June to September: June (992), July (996), August (1,097) and September (971).

Mortality in Barcelona, ​​according to the ASPB


Last July, this medium already reported that mortality in the city stood, on June 30, over 10,000 deceased people in six months. The data that have been released now does not include total mortality in the city because it does not include those people who, although they have died in Barcelona, ​​have been buried or cremated in other municipalities, recall sources from the City Council. They also emphasize that there may be cases of people who are cremated or buried in the cemeteries of Barcelona but who are not from the city.

The Public Health Agency of Barcelona, ​​on its page with the data of the pandemic, speaks of 16,351 citizens killed in the Catalan capital from February 1 – the first date that can be consulted – until December 31 and an “excess mortality” linked to the health crisis of 4,212 people. Municipal sources add that the final figures of the deceased in 2020 will be known in spring, when the update of the municipal registerl.


Municipal demographic statistics indicate, in the absence of knowing the specific deaths of last year in Barcelona, ​​that the 17,191 funeral services of Cementiris de Barcelona could place 2020 as the sixth year with higher mortality in the city since 1910. Everything seems to indicate that there have only been more deaths in the city during the years from spanish flu and the Civil war.

A Mémora car in Barcelona
A Mémora car in Barcelona

In 1918 and 1919, during the flu epidemic, 22,767 and 17,685 people died in the city, respectively. Two decades later, during the war, 17,383 people (1937), 28,192 (1938) and 20,294 (1939) transferred in Barcelona. Since that year, which marked the end of the war, the death toll has always been lower than the funeral services offered by Cementiris in 2020.

The dead in Barcelona between 1991 and 2019 / BARCELONA CITY COUNCIL


Since the Olympic Games, mortality in Barcelona has ranged from 14,401 deaths in 2019, the lowest figure in the last 30 years, to 16,917 in 1995, the highest number in the last three decades. The data on deaths between 1991 and 2019 published by the City Council can be check here.

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