Mosquera Celtic Band presents in Quintanar de la Orden their latest work “Terra”

The Amelia Moreno Espacio-Arte El Dorado Foundation, within the framework of the exhibition “Original Version” by Mario Vela, organized on Friday night, in collaboration with Música Quintanar, an exclusive concert by Mosquera Celtic Band to present their latest work “Terra” .

The concert is also part of the “Terra Encantada” tour, which aims to offer concerts in charming and emblematic places in each city.

It is an initiative that arises from the pandemic because it is a different way of doing concerts and enjoying music in a different way. “We decided to look for charming places where people feel a special attraction to create a unique atmosphere and enjoy the concert with all the senses,” explained the leader of the Band, Fernando Mosquera.

With this idea, Mosquera Celtic Band will offer exclusive concerts with reduced capacity to comply with all safety regulations.

“It is a way of recovering the cultural movement because there can be a safe culture that also by attracting people can help the different municipalities in many other aspects,” said Mosquera.

“Terra” released on September 23rd, is one more part of the essence of Mosquera Celtic Band. As the band reports on its website, in this new work, the Mosquera Celtic Band continues to explore the ways of Folk, but from another perspective. This album talks about travel, discovery and, above all, Music: how the Traditional Music of Scotland and Ireland, through the first travelers who settled in the colonies of what we now know as North America, influenced the appearance of new genres and instruments and laid the first stone in the creation of current Country Music, Bluegrass or Hilbilly. Of course, without ever forgetting their roots, they drink directly from Galicia.

The album, which was scheduled to be released in April, had to wait due to the pandemic. However, this extra period of time has allowed the band to make improvements to the sound, treat it with more affection and prepare a special collector’s edition. It is a disc with a 48-page inner book and a 70-minute CD with great detail that contains 15 songs.

The concert began with a Scottish bagpipe solo and Fernando’s words of thanks for both the City Council and the Amelia Moreno Foundation for hosting the concert and for Música Quintanar for organizing it, without forgetting the audience for supporting events of these characteristics and that, in addition, he was able to enjoy a magnificent concert in a unique environment and environment.

The tour began with the Quintanar concert but they will visit other towns in the region, the region and other autonomous communities.


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