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Little new official logo

Credit: Supplied by Poco India

It recently declared its independence from Xiaomi, although the expectation is that the two companies will continue to share technology and components. However, it is clear that Poco is here to stay.

The recently independent company announced a new logo and mascot last week, apparently as part of ongoing efforts to distance itself from Xiaomi. This new mascot is essentially a modified angry emoji, with a halo and with a kind of growl, and the mascot is also part of Poco’s new logo (seen above).

So with all of this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to ask Android Authority readers what they thought of the new brand. This is how you answered.

What do you think of Poco’s new logo / mascot?


We posted the poll on our website on Thursday, February 18, and the polls were also posted on our Twitter and YouTube pages. Almost 3,500 votes were counted on the website, while almost 2,600 votes were counted on Twitter, and approximately 16,000 votes were cast on YouTube. And the results were very consistent across all three platforms.

In each of the surveys, more than 70% of respondents said they hated Poco’s new logo and mascot. Comments on the website and social media suggest that the logo seems rushed or as if it had occurred to a child. Other comments also point out that the logo looks like a bikini or the logo of an adult website.

However, just over a quarter of those surveyed overall said they liked the new logo and mascot. There were no comments supporting the logo on the website or Twitter, but several YouTube respondents expressed support.

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Anthorama: It looks like a bikini Leo: It looks like a sexshop logo. T_Dizzle: I get it, but I’m not a fan. I definitely wouldn’t want it on my phone. Wongwatt: It seems that Poco employed an elementary school student to design his logo; Anything based on an emoji is automatically garbage. Uhlai Suhrai: I hope you will reconsider. I refuse to have to see this on my splash screen. I don’t expect Apple’s level design, but just …… no.jasontallica245: Wish @ POCOGlobal should stick with the same logo instead of adopting this one. MrMathewJr: The CEO’s son took over the design project

That’s it for this poll results article, thanks for voting and leaving comments! What do you think of Poco’s logo and mascot? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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