Mother goes to court to say how ashamed she is for her son for trying to rape girls, 11

A mother has beaten her own son to say how ashamed she is of him after he tried to rape an eleven-year-old girl.

Joshua Beardmore, 25, rushed toward the girl as she walked home, pulling her down and harassing her.

Yesterday, he was called a coward by Judge Tim Tindal for refusing to leave his cell to be detained for 12 years for attempted rape and sexual assault.

Joshua Beardmore has been imprisoned for 12 years for attempting to rape an 11-year-old girl (Photo: SWNS)

His mother also stood up at the Worcester Crown Court and said, "I'm so ashamed he did all this to the poor little girl."

She also wrote to the victim of her son and her family to apologize for what he did.

Pedophile refuses to apologize to the victim. Image: The former house of the stone crushers in Bridge of WeirPedophile refuses to apologize to the victim when he is in court

Worcester's Beardmore went home with the girl after visiting his partner's children when he attacked her in an alley near Barker Street in the city.

The girl escaped and ran away, meeting Mark Fletcher, who used an ATM nearby.

She asked for help and called the police who came to the scene before finding Beardmore in his apartment.

As the officers tried to arrest him, Beardmore grabbed a kitchen knife and tried to cut his wrists, but was held back.

The girl escaped and ran away, meeting Mark Fletcher, who used an ATM nearby (Photo: SWNS)

The court found that Beardmore had been convicted in 2005 after being exposed to and inappropriately touching a boy under the age of 13.

He was also convinced that he had abducted a woman in 2014 after an attempted robbery.

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Jason Aris said in defense: "His family participated during the process.

"They are deeply upset about what they have heard, and they are very ashamed of their behavior.

"As a result of what they have heard, he will be isolated from this family from now on."

After the fall, Detective Constable Alistair Mulcaster from West Mercia Police said, "This was a terrible attack on a young girl who showed great courage in reporting the incident and in supporting the investigation.

"I do not think Beardmore is a danger to young girls and deserves to be behind bars.

"His actions will have deeply affected the victim and I hope that she and her family have a sense of justice after this verdict."

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