Mourinho, from ‘azote’ to Wenger interviewer

The Guardian organized an online meeting between public figures and fans and Arsene
Wenger, former coach of Arsenal who ran into endless questions from politicians, actors, rappers … and a technician, José
Mourinho! The morbid was served since both had several ‘frictions’ while the French directed the ‘gunners’. Finally, a little over a year ago they signed peace during the Laureus Awards.

The Portuguese, far from returning to the controversy, asked him a kind question: “Did you ever consider being the CEO of Arsenal or was it your wish to always be a coach?” “I would have considered being on the Arsenal board of directors as an advisor. I think there is a deficit of knowledge in the big clubs and in high-level matches. And I think we’ve seen recently that there are many ways to succeed in football. I like that a club is first an identity and has a knowledge that is transmitted from generation to generation ”, answers Wenger.

Another question was asked by the film director Spike Lee: “Will we ever be able to see Arsenal’s greatest player of all time a coaching position?” “I hope Thierry Henry will be successful in his coaching career, and if he is successful one day he could return to Arsenal. But I especially wish that we win the championship again before that happens. This year I can surprise with Arteta ”, he indicated.

Calls from the English team and Cristiano Ronaldo, frustrated signing

He also answers questions like which book he is reading (“Sapiens”) or the movie he liked the most (“Midnight Express”). On whether he was ever called to coach the England team, he said: “Many times they approached me to ask but I declined for two reasons. First because I felt that it was better for an Englishman to do it and secondly because I was happy where I was ”.

Wenger admits that he would have liked to sign many players but that in the end it did not happen. “Maybe there are 50! Perhaps the one who was closest was Cristiano Ronaldo, when he signed for Manchester United. We had an agreement with Sporting and Manchester United signed Carlos Queiroz, also from Portugal, as assistant coach and they took Ronaldo ”.

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