Mourinho talks about Jan Vertonghen’s future at Tottenham and to be friends with his players

Jose Mourinho claims that Jan Vertonghen is part of his plans for Tottenham Hotspur and that his departure from the field against Southampton was not connected to this.

The Belgian expert looked shocked as he walked on the pitch after his replacement in the second half of the FA Cup fourth round against Southampton.

Vertonghen seemed to be close to tears as he sat shocked on the seat when he returned to the pirogue.

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The 32-year-old is now in the last five months of his contract with Spurs, having not been able to agree on a new deal.

Mourinho confirmed that Vertonghen was part of his plans for the future, responding with a very clear “yes” to that question and clarified that the decision to remove him from the saints was not related to the defender’s future.

“The latest game has nothing to do with its future here,” he said. “It was a tactical decision. We were playing with a back 5 and I thought it would give us more confidence for a team that I knew was short of attack and it was very difficult to create many chances.

“I knew that Dele Alli was the plan to get in the last 20-25 minutes, half an hour maximum, and for that the plan was to go from five to four.

“You know, I decided to keep Alderweireld and especially Tanganga in the middle, fast players, so I took flight Jan.

“There is no relationship between this and its future.”

Mourinho faces a more immediate problem with one of his players with the FA who asked for comments on Alli’s Snapchat video showing the midfielder mentioning the Coronavirus while showing an Asian man in an airport. The video was quickly deleted and excused from international England.

Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva was banned this season for a social media post that was deemed inappropriate by the FA, so a precedent was set.

“I feel [a ban] it would be useless, but I’m nobody. In relation to these decisions, I am nobody, “said Mourinho.

“I’m someone related to Dele’s professional education, let’s say, and I felt it so easy because of the way he reacted.

“So I think it’s not necessary because the player understands the naivety of the situation. The player is a good boy, the player in the dressing room also has a great Asian friend he loves.

“So there was no intention. He immediately repented, he immediately makes a public apology. I feel that it is not necessary but I am nobody.”

Dele Alli with Jose Mourinho on the touchline

He added: “I think he learned the lesson immediately with embarrassment and it didn’t take long to realize the childhood or naivety of the situation again. [a ban is] unnecessary. I don’t think we need anything else. “

Earlier in the day Mourinho had spoken of being friends with Alli and had been asked if that was his management style.

“I can’t say that 100% of my players in my career are or were my friends, I can’t say that,” he said.

“But of course the perfect situation, and most of the cases, is that you establish such a good relationship with the players in which you become the oldest friend.

“I can be the good friend and the good friend is the one who tells you the truth. So when I say friend, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be bad, that I can’t be critical, so don’t get me wrong Don’t get me wrong.”

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Tottenham day

This Sunday Tottenham will face Aston Villa and Jack Grealish, a player who approached the signing 18 months ago but failed to get the deal over the line.

The midfielder has proven to be in the Premier League this season, leaving Spurs’ inability to close an even more irritating transfer to Grealish.

“I do not know [about Spurs’ attempts to sign him]. He’s a player I’m worried about in connection with Sunday’s game. He is a very important player in Villa dynamics and he is a player that we cannot ignore and say “let’s go to Villa Park and ignore that there is a guy called Jack Grealish,” “said Mourinho.

“No, it’s a boy that we have to prepare the game and understand the influence he has on that team. Such an important player, this is the
only thing I can say. The market is closed, what has happened or has not happened in the past I don’t know “.

After their trip to Villa Spurs, they returned to action a few days later, when they will host RB Leipzig in the last 16 matches in the first leg of their Champions League.

They must therefore recover even more quickly after they travel to Chelsea for Saturday’s kick-off lunch and a clash between the top four.

It is a fixed program that has left Mourinho stunned by the choices made by the Premier League and by the television companies.

“I’ll give you a very simple example. Tonight, Leicester v Wolves. Why? Will they have a Champions League game next week? No. Not Leicester, not Wolves. Wolves will play in the Europa League on Thursday,” he said. .

“We are the team in England who play a Champions League game on Wednesday. We do not play on Friday [before], we don’t play saturday, we play sunday. If you think it’s normal, I don’t think it’s normal.

“Can you say that because your game was chosen to be shown on TV on Sunday at 12:00 and I ask you, in the other five Premier League games this weekend, isn’t there another one playable on Sunday at 2.30 pm? It’s that simple.

“This is the only thing I say: there is no cure. They simply chose what they want and don’t think how they can hurt an English team. And in this case we will get hurt because we will continue to play on Sunday at 14 when we could play perfectly. Saturday or tonight. “


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