Movie and series characters that their creators wanted to kill, but were saved at the last minute

7 characters who were destined to die but were saved thanks to the love of their fans 0

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The creative decisions behind a movie or series are not always made by the creators. The marketing department is also heavily involved in defining what is profitable and what is not.

Fan opinion is another factor that plays a huge role. For this reason, several characters are saved from a fatal fate, even though the original plan was to kill them.

These are 7 movie and TV characters who should have died according to the original script, but luck played on their side.

# 1 Han Solo

One of the most beloved characters of Star Wars is Han Solo, so it’s hard to believe that George Lucas planned for him to die in the Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

The original idea was for Solo to perish during the Battle of Endor, at the hands of Imperial soldiers.

The creator of the space saga wanted to give a bittersweet ending to his first trilogy with this death. Thus he would leave Leia without the love of his life and Luke Skywalker would become an interstellar nomad.

However, the marketing team did not allow him to fulfill his wish and advocated leaving the character alive.

harrison ford prefers mcu than star wars
harrison ford prefers mcu than star wars
Lucasfilm Ltd.

# 2 Content

Disney movies are known for having a happy ending, so they are quite predictable at times.

In the case of Raya and the last dragon, the creators of the animation wanted to convey a very clear moral to their viewers: the solution of problems lies in oneself, you just have to learn to trust and work as a team.

From the beginning it was planned that Sisu would die, so that the humans would take the reins of the problem with the Drunn and it was themselves who would defeat them.

For that reason, the creators of the film did not see any sense to revive the dragons, because they really did not do anything.

raa disney plus movie
raa disney plus movie
The Walt Disney Studios vía IMDb

#3 Eleven

The Duffer brothers created the hit series Stranger Things like a love letter to the eighties and its horror movies.

The original idea of ​​the filmmakers was for Eleven to sacrifice herself to save everyone in season one, when she faced the Demogorgon.

Although after reflecting a bit they realized that that would end the story, because without Eleven the show would no longer make sense.

The Duffer brothers noticed that they could extend the series with more seasons, so they decided to leave the character alive. Now we are waiting for the fourth season!

study reveals that couples are breaking up because of television series 2
study reveals that couples are breaking up because of television series 2

#4 Joe Garner

Since its premiere, Soul it became one of the favorite animated films of young and old.

The story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher who seeks to professionalize his career in jazz, is a beautiful reflection on life and dreams.

When Joe is finally able to make his wish come true, he is left in a coma and near death. This is how he gets to the ‘Big Before’ and meets 22.

In the end, after helping 22, Joe Garner is given the opportunity to continue living. Motivated by this second chance, he vows to enjoy each day as if it were his only one.

soul pixar 7
soul pixar 7
Disney/Pixar via IMDB

However, in the original script it was planned that instead of returning to life Joe Garner would stay in the ‘Big Before’, as a mentor of the You Seminar.

For the creator, Pete Doctrey, this option excited him too much because it was a kind of revolution for the Disney endings.

soul pixar 5
soul pixar 5
Disney/Pixar via IMDB

#5 Poe Dameron

Another popular character from the franchise of Star Wars His creator wanted him to die is the rebel pilot Poe Dameron.

JJ Abrams had in mind that Poe was a martyr of war, for that reason he would die in the Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Upon finding out, Óscar Isaac, the actor behind Poe Cameron, had to intervene so that his character would stay alive and thus be able to continue being part of the successful franchise.

poe dameron star wars 3
poe dameron star wars 3
Lucasfilm / Star Wars

# 6 Nebula

When the MCU began, this character was a real headache that no Marvel fan could handle.

Fortunately, she had an excellent redemption arc and it was impossible not to sympathize with her; although this creative decision was last minute.

In the original script it was contemplated that Nebula would die in the first installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Such information would mean that he had never reconciled with his sister Gamora, so he would not have won our hearts!

nebula guardians of the galaxy 0
nebula guardians of the galaxy 0
Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures

#7 Jesse Pinkman

A sidekickquintessential Jesse Pinkman, so it’s hard to imagine Breaking Bad without said character.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of the series, had the idea of ​​killing Jesse in the first season crossed his mind.

According to Guilligan, a rival dealer would have been Pinkman’s killer.

Fact that would enrage Walter, who in response would have captured the person responsible and took revenge through a series of torture.

jesse pinkman de breaking bad
jesse pinkman de breaking bad
Sony Pictures Television

Did you already know that these characters were going to die in the original script? Tell us in the comments which one surprised you the most.

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