Movistar Crimen, new Movistar + channel: content and dial

Many new features in Movistar + dials throughout 2020. In addition to the new HD versions of different channels that have been replacing the SD versions of those same channels in fiber mode, we have also had ups and downs. Among the casualties, Movistar Fest (dial 23), Canal Orbe 21 (dial 88) and TV Record (dial 137). Among the new channels, Negocios TV. Now, the dance of novelties for 2021 begins.

What can we see in Movistar Crime?

Once again, our forum serves as a source for news related to the news of Movistar television. In this case, the arrival of Movistar Crimen and Movistar Crimen HD to the virtual set has been detected. This new channel will be located on dial 23, away from the cinema channels, which raises speculation that it will be a temporary channel.

At the moment, it is too early to confirm the duration of the channel in Movistar. If it is a temporary or popup channel, it will join a list of channels with Movistar Fest, Movistar Halloween or Movistar Star Wars, some of them quite successful during the weeks that they remained active (personally, I remember the channel of Star Wars).

Another channel that has appeared in the virtual deco is Movistar Supercopa and Movistar Supercopa HD. Although #Vamos (dial 8) will be the channel in charge of offering the entire Super Cup competition on Movistar +, this channel was enabled after the agreement with Orange for the French to broadcast this competition. Nor do we know if Movistar users will be able to see it or it will be a simple technical incorporation for Orange.

What is clear that in less than 15 days we already have the first two news in Movistar +. On the 20th the new channel will be incorporated Dreamworks while in a matter of days the arrival of Movistar Crimen will be made official. We will inform you promptly about their final dials and any other news from Movistar TV.

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