Movistar offers the familiar configuration for your Apple Watch

Movistar offers the familiar configuration on the Apple Watch, putting the Communication, health, fitness and safety features of the Apple Watch within reach of children and the elderly in the house who don’t have an iPhone. For the first time, parents can configure their children’s Apple Watches from their iPhone so they can talk on the phone and use messages with family and friends, move more with personalized activity goals, and express their creativity using personalized Memoji.

Family settings make it possible for the whole family to benefit from important Apple Watch health and safety features such as SOS Emergency and use Maps, Siri, Alarms and the App Store without the need for each person in the house to have an iPhone. Parents can rest assured that they can contact their children and see their location while their personal data is kept encrypted.

For the little ones and the oldest of the house

The little ones and the oldest of the house that use the family configuration will have their own phone numbers in separate data plans, They only have to configure the mobile data of the watch with a Movistar plan.

To use the new family configuration, currently, it is necessary to register an additional Movistar M line (€ 7.5 / month with VAT, includes 5 GB and 50 minutes), which is the most suitable for the uses of the clock.

In the near future, Movistar will offer the possibility of configuring any Movistar contract line that the entity’s clients have available on the clock. The only requirement will be that the iPhone line and that of the Apple Watch are from the same owner. Movistar makes the most advanced technology available to everyone without leaving home. The configuration of the mobile data of the Apple Watch is an ‘online’ process that is carried out from the iPhone itself and the result is the download of an eSIM for the watch, according to the chosen configuration.


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