Movistar renews its Merger to offer a mobile phone with the new rates

Movistar will renew all its Fusion products next Sunday, April 11, which, from now on, will include the acquisition of a smartphone in exchange for an additional three euros in the monthly bill. The proposal does not contemplate permanence contracts for the purchase of the new mobile, but it does establish payment obligations for the marginal cost of the terminal in the event that the lease is terminated within a period of three years, 36 months.

The new Merger pricing plan is voluntary for current customers, so Merger subscribers who do not want to migrate to the new portfolio will not see any of its conditions modified. Now, as soon as they decide to change the Fusion package for whatever reason, they will find an increase of three euros per month.

That is what happens with the new registrations, which will be found with the mobile already included in the Fusion package, with the corresponding three euros of price increase. All of them could reject the new terminal included, but they would still pay the aforementioned three euros per month in all the Merger modalities.

Users interested in renewing the smartphone for the aforementioned three additional euros -both new and current- can choose between these models: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G, Samsung Galaxy A12 and Oppo A53S. The price plan includes terminals with higher benefits, with monthly increases in the bill of up to 24 euros. Thus, for an additional five euros in the monthly Merger bill, Movistar customers can access the Oppo Reno 4, 5G; for an additional 13 euros the Xiaomi 10T Pro 5G or the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is offered; and for an additional 24 euros on the bill you can aspire to the 128 GB Galaxy S21 5G.

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Under the new Merger conditions, subscribers to the Fusión 0, Fusión Inicia and Fusión Inicia Infinito offers can access the smartphones of the initia range. The subscribers of Fusión Selección Plus and Selección, can buy the smartphones of the selection range; and users of Fusión Total Plus and Fusión Total can purchase smartphones classified as Gama Total.

Emilio Gayo, president of Telefónica España, explained to the details of the new Merger portfolio “which represent a new step in the history of the company”. According to the chief executive of Telefónica’s Spanish subsidiary, since Movistar’s convergent offer was born in October 2012, “we have been improving the product’s performance.” In some cases – he adds – “prices have been raised and in others they have been maintained, while we have incorporated proposals that are really relevant and interesting for the client”. Given the technological change that leads to the arrival of 5G in Spain, Telefónica has proposed to take a new step with the inclusion of a 5G terminal in the Fusion packages. “It makes all the sense now,” Gayo justifies.

As reported by the operator through a statement, users can contract the new Fusion, on a promotional basis, with a 50% discount on the price of the complete package for three months, through all available channels, such as Movistar stores, the online channel of the website or by 1004.

Available mobiles

For Fusion subscribers with 5G and a smartphone included, which correspond to the Total Fusion, Total Plus ?? individuals and Fusion Pro 2 or Fusion Pro 4- autonomous, all of them have included one of the following three phones: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 T 5G, SAMSUNG Galaxy A12 and OPPO A53s

For 5 euros a month for 36 months you can choose the OPPO Reno 4 Z 5G, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite; For 13 euros per month for 36 months you can choose the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G and the SAMSUNG Galaxy 520 FE. For 24 euros a month for 36 months you can choose the SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 5G (128GB), IPhone 12 (64GB) 5G

For the subscribers of Fusion Selection, Selection Plus, and for freelancers Fusion Pro, they can choose: the SAMSUNG Galaxy A12, the OPPO A53S. For 5 euros per month for 36 months they can choose the XIAOMI Redmi Note 9T 5G, the OPPO Reno4 Z 5G and the XIAOMI Mi 11 Lite. For 13 euros per month for 36 months they can choose the XIAOMI Mi 10T Pro 5G, the SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE. For 24 ?? / month for 36 months you can purchase the SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 5G (128GB) and the IPhone 12 (64GB) 5G.

Subscribers of Fusion 0, Fusion Starts, Fusion Starts In? Nito, and for freelancers Fusion 0 professional, can opt for the Xiaomi RedMI 9 and the Oppo A15. For two euros a month, the Samsung Galaxy A12 128GB and the Oppo A53S are included. For five euros per month, the Xiaomi RedMi Note 9T 5G, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite and the Oppo Reno 4Z 5G are offered. For 13 euros per month, the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro (5G) and the Samsung Galaxy S20FE are included. While for 24 euros per month the iPhone 12 64Gb (5G) and the Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB (5G) are offered.


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