Boris Johnson was accused of misleading the public with the government's pre-Brexit campaign on October 31. MPs and experts urged the head of the civil service, Sir Mark Sedwill, to intervene to clarify that Britain is unlikely to get away without an agreement that day.

The 100 million pound advertising campaign, which, according to a bipartisan group led by several MPs, sets out what the public needs to do to prepare for a dispute-free Brexit at the end of October, is now "superfluous and misleading" by Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson ,

You have written to the Public Service Head, Sir Mark Sedwill, calling for action to stop the campaign's waste of money and deliver inaccurate information to the public and businesses. In practice, this can only happen if the EU rejects the United Kingdom's request for an extension of Article 50 or if Johnson violates the law by ignoring the Parliament.

"A publicly funded campaign that encourages companies to prepare for the no-deal exit in October and that is factually incorrect (since it addresses an event that can not now) is inherently partisan (as there are no Government policy is, but it is) Conservative politics), which brings the campaign into conflict, not only with the above-emphasized principles, but also with the Code of the Cabinet, "said the deputies.

Jill Rutter, program director of the Institute for Government, also expressed doubts about the legality of the campaign after Benn's law requiring Johnson to apply for a three-month delay in Brexit if no agreement has been reached came into force.

She told the Guardian, "I have several concerns about what the government is doing in terms of communication. I am doubtful about Get Ready for Brexit, where they still say that Britain will leave the EU in large letters on their website on 31 October, even though they can only really say that Britain may still be leaving or leaving ,

"The idea is that people who deal with government communications need to be extremely careful … We are not in an election so the Purdah rules will not come into effect. But those responsible have to ask themselves: does this match the price-performance criteria of the expenditure? Money as tax financed communication? "

She said most of the communications on the Get Ready for Brexit website point to actions that need to be taken in the event of unfinished Brexit, as closing during the transitional period will not lead to changes.

"To give a clear message that nothing has changed since the Benn bill leads to more questions," she said. "I think it is a very gray zone right now, and this is really a problem for Mark Sedwill, that government advertising should be a public information campaign, and it should not be a way to gain electoral benefits be justified to the public. "

Nick Macpherson, former Permanent Secretary of Finance, also questioned the accuracy of the Get Ready For Brexit campaign, which is preparing people for a smooth 31st October departure.

"The Cabinet has, slightly confused, approved ads announcing that Britain will leave the EU on October 31. I think the queen has given royal approval to a bill that will delay Brexit (unless there is a deal). Did the accounting officer ask for an instruction? #Infinity, "he tweeted.

A # 10 source dismissed the criticism saying, "It's absolutely right that the government ensures that people have the information they need when Britain leaves the EU." The opponents of this campaign were against Britain leaving the EU from day one, and will do everything they can to stop Brexit and reject the referendum result. "

Government recruiting advertising, which has been compared to Tory campaign advertising in some social media, with a blue letter and the announcement that the government is sending 20,000 additional police officers, has also resonated.

Home Office

We are working with the police to launch a national campaign today to recruit 20,000 more police officers. If you want #JoinThePoliceVisit:

September 5, 2019

According to Rutter, the head of communications should ask the government, "Is it really about promoting the recruitment of the police, or is it basically a message to the world in general that the government is recruiting an additional 20,000 policemen?"

Diane Abbott, Labor's shadow home secretary, said, "The government seems unsure whether to recruit people for the police service or police for the Tory election campaign. Labor's promise is to recruit thousands more front line police, including Bobby's in tact. Tory's campaign slogan is to get people from the back office and bring them in uniform. I think the public will understand the real difference. "

A conservative source struck back, saying that the IfG – a think tank and a cross-party charity – was "not nearly a neutral organization," claiming it was a "cheerleader" for the Benn bill.

A government spokeswoman said, "Impartiality is one of the core values ​​of the civil service and underpins its ability to effectively serve today's government. The Civil Service Law clearly states that all employees must adhere to the principles of integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality.

"The legal situation is still such that the UK
October. Therefore, this campaign is part of our work as a leader
Government to give people and businesses important information and guidance on what they need to do to prepare for Brexit. "