Multiboxing was banned, now the first big bans have arrived

Blizzard takes hold in World of Warcraft. The first multiboxers were blocked and their accounts closed.

Few things in World of Warcraft are as annoying as bots or multiboxers. Blizzard recognized this after many years and severely restricted multiboxing a few weeks ago and subjected it to new rules. Anyone who does not follow the rules must expect sanctions, which have finally been applied.

What was the Blizzard announcement? A few weeks ago, Blizzard announced that it would act aggressively against multiboxing, at least when multiboxers use certain software. All software that broadcasts tickets to multiple clients at the same time has been banned.

Normal players have no chance against an army of multiboxers.

Manual multiboxing, meaning playing multiple accounts without additional software, is still allowed. But, of course, this is not in the interest of farmers, as it is not as effective in gathering resources.

The announcement of a ban was very good for you.

Why has multiboxing been so popular? Only a small percentage of gamers have committed to multiboxing. Often these are druids who are grazing an entire area with 5 or 10 characters at the same time to collect resources or to stupidly and stupidly win at certain points for farming mobs.

This was unfair to “normal” players with a single account, as herbs and minerals disappeared almost immediately after the multiboxer “cultivated empty” them on its own.

Multiboxing was also popular in WoW Classic, for example, for repeatedly clearing certain dungeons.

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First confirmed bans: On the WoW Classic subreddit, a first victim has shown that Blizzard is apparently enforcing the sanctions. On the subreddit, user LetMeSpoilThisForU showed a screenshot of the Discord server from the Earthshrine (UE) server. In it you can see 8 accounts of a known multiboxer, which have now been blocked. In general, the player has lost all 20 accounts, the penalty is permanent.

If anyone doubted whether Blizzard is serious about the multibox policy change… from r / classicwow

On the forums, this is creating new hope that Blizzard will enforce these rules more strictly and that by the release of Shadowlands and Classic they will be less plagued by multiboxers and bots using corresponding software in the future.

Do you also know a multiboxer who can no longer carry on with his usual daily life or has even been banned?

But there will be nothing else in Shadowlands either, one of the best items.

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