multiple positives to COVID-19 in LIDOM

Multiple sources informed ESPN Digital that the Tigres del Licey would have at least five positive for COVID-19 to start the season

The first challenge against COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League (LIDOM) apparently it has been introduced. After only 29 positive cases out of approximately 4,300 PCR tests performed, one of the teams from LIDOM has multiple players infected with the virus.

As confirmed to ESPN sources of full credits, at least five cases of COVID-19 have been detected within the roster of one of the teams that make up the LIDOM. These sources established that the positives occurred during the last group of tests, but that due to the possibilities of false positives, LIDOM I wanted to redo the tests to ensure the results. Despite the investigations carried out, the sources did not want to confirm which team it is, but all the information obtained by ESPN point towards Tigres del Licey.

In case the news is confirmed by the league and by Tigres del LiceyIt would be the first time that a significant outbreak has occurred so far this season.

According to the protocols, players who test positive at any point in the season should be placed under medical observation. The separation periods from the team are not established directly by the health protocol, but if the fact that they are Tigres del Licey they separated Yermin Mercedes for fourteen days after violating the protocol, the possibilities that the same term will be applied to those supposedly infected.

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In the event players testing positive for the virus are found to have violated the protocols in place, the LIDOM it could impose sanctions against each of them.

ESPN tried to contact the management of the Tigres del Licey to confirm the information without having made any statements about it so far.



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