The mum of a teenager, who was found raped and murdered in a park, said she gave her child a final kiss goodnight before she disappeared.

Karolina Valantiniene hugged her daughter Viktorija Sokolova in bed at her home in Wolverhampton, on the evening of April 10, before she went off to sleep.

The next day, she's getting ready for work as an early break as a packer in a factory, where checked on the sleeping 14-year-old before leaving.

But this was the final time she saw the teenager alive, a court heard.

A 16-year-old boy is on trial accused of rape, murder and sexual penetration of a corpse, after the youngster's body was discovered by a dog walker on April 12.

Viktorija Sokolova was discovered by a member of the public in Wolverhampton

Jurors at Wolverhampton Crown Court had previously heard of the schoolgirl as "horrific" levels of violence.

It is alleged the youth, who can not be named because of his age, used a hammer-like weapon to fracture the victim's skull in a pavilion known as the "black house", before sexually assaulting her body.

The Crown's case is that he used to be the youngest in the city's West Park, and changed his trousers before leaving the scene.

Giving evidence for the first time on Thursday, the victim's mother told the court her daughter had come to live with her.

Karolina Valatiniene, the mother of murdered schoolgirl, Viktorija Sokolova

On the Sunday before she was killed, the girl disappeared again, Mrs. Valantiniene went looking for and found her in a park.

She found her, later that night, in a children's play area with her boyfriend and another girl, smoking cannabis.

When she came to home, the teenager "started to shout and scratch" and "became violent", she told the court.

She manages to get her mother out of bed and put her in a child's home overnight.

On Tuesday, April 10, Mrs. Valantiniene and Viktorija's stepfather try and "communicate" with the girl.

Saidas Valantinas, Stepdad of Murdered Schoolgirl, Viktorija Sokolova walks into Wolverhampton Crown Court

Mrs. Valantiniene, describing the last contact she had with her daughter, said: "We were about to go to sleep.

"I came to her room, gave her a hug, and kissed her for the last time."

As she left for work at 4am, on April 11, she added: "I came to see Viktorija before I left."

There is no more between the couple, and after work that evening, when her daughter fails to come home.

She and her husband, Saidas Valantinas, went to bed and the next morning checked their daughter's bed.

Mrs Valantiniene said she had not been able to get her daughter back home.

Husband and wife Karolina Valatiniene and Saida's Valantinas walk into Wolverhampton Crown Court

She later told the jury that she was hanging out with "older Eastern European males," she was sent away.

Viktorija went to Ireland in late December 2017, returning to Wolverhampton in February 2018.

The move followed an incident on December 15, when Viktorija had gone missing once again, when one of the windows was smashed at the family home.

In a phone call to 999 police call handler that day, Mrs Valantiniene said: "I am scared in my own house, you understand.

"I have a big problem with my daughter.

"She is a very troubled child, very troubled.

"She smokes, she sleeps with guys, and she smokes ganja.

"She's drinking and I do not know what to do because she's a very bad child."

After returning from her break in Ireland, Viktorija appeared to settle down, her mother said, and after starting a new school, her relationship was back to being "ideal".

But two weeks later, she ran away once again.

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