A mother has shared a picture she claims to show a "big red flag" for the bad behavior of her eight-year-old son.

Melody Yazdani posted a photo of her sleeping son on Facebook, hoping that this would help thousands of other parents whose children have behavioral problems.

She says, "All parents. If you have a child, I'll tell you something you need to know that you've probably never heard of.

"The picture I share with this story shows a big red flag. Do you see it?"

The mother explains how her eight-year-old son Kian received behavioral reports at school. He had no problems at kindergarten, where he was always "intelligent, lively and extremely active," Mirror Online reported.

Children should sleep with their mouths closed, said the mother

Melody was surprised when Kian's teacher told her that he was pushing other children and "having a hard time controlling his body."

New systems were introduced at school that improved his behavior, but at home it got worse with the collapse of smaller things.

She says, "It's tantrum every morning before we even get up. Beat things and throw and scream. Everyone is screaming. Every morning at 5 o'clock.

"We were at a loss – how did he get like that? What could we have done differently? "

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Kian began visiting a therapist who recommended ADHD testing.

However, lightning struck when Melody found an article linking ADHD to sleep disorders and mouth breathing.

The red flag to which Melody refers implies that her son's mouth is open while he is sleeping.

She says: "CHILDREN MUST NOT BREATHE BY THEIR MOUTH. Not while awake, not asleep.

Kian's behavior improved immediately

"Oral breathing is NOT NORMAL, NOT DURING THE DAY OR AT NIGHT. When a child breathes through the mouth, their brain (and body) does not get enough oxygen.

"At night, this reduced oxygen saturation is detrimental to your sleep quality and your brain's ability to find enough peace."

Melody listed other problems of mouth breathing before declaring that sleep deprivation and ADHD showed "exactly the same symptoms".

She claimed that studies on ADHD medication that disrupted sleep breathing showed improvement in symptoms and that within six months, 70% of children did not need medication.

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Her ADHD was actually cured because she was not ADHD, she continued. Kian was diagnosed with sleep apnea and sinusitis.

"He got exactly zero minutes of REM sleep and oxygen saturation in the low 80% during the first study, and his sinuses were 90% blocked," she says.

However, Melody noticed an "instant change" as Kian's tonsils and adenoids were removed and breathed through his nose as he left the operation.

She adds: "We have seen in his behavior a complete 180s relationship. No furious tantrums anymore, no fixation on little OCD things, it was a huge change.

"I'll tell you why I share with you: No one ever told me about it in my twelve years of parenthood, all the signs were right in front of our eyes and I had no idea."

You can read the full article on Facebook here.


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