Murdoch leaves Trump’s ship

16/10/2020 07:38Updated: 10/16/2020 12:19 PM

The final music of the ‘every man for himself‘of the Titanic. Women, children and the powerful, first. The orchestra makes efforts, but it is left alone. They sink. At least, this is how the alleged comments that the tycoon Rupert Murdoch would have made three collaborators his: “Joe Biden he is going to win the elections in an overwhelming way ”and that was published exclusively yesterday by ‘The Daily Beast’. Likewise, the digital newspaper added that the president of News Corp would have propped up his predictions with another encouraging forecast for the American people: “People are ready for ‘sleepy’ Joe,” the famous nickname they have given the Democratic candidate throughout the campaign, which refers to Biden’s old age and drowsiness And that everything is said, it adjusts quite a bit to reality.

Be that as it may, these advances aloud have not been denied by the environment of the almighty owner of a holding company who runs an everlasting list of newspapers, including ‘The Wall Street Journal’, ‘The New York Post’, ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Times’, FOX TV, magazines, publishers, the famous 20th Century Fox Walt Disney affiliate film company, rugby and football teams, and a long list of businesses that control half the worldor entertainment and bill, astronomical figures.

According to the newspaper, and at the request of a confirmation of these statements, Murdoch replied: “No comment, except that I have never called Trump an idiot” referring to a news published in 2018 in which the billionaire called the president a “fucking idiot” after some statements he made about immigration. While Murdoch believes the election result to be fact, his New York tabloid has been doing the unspeakable to help Trump.

While Murdoch believes the election result to be fact, his tabloid has been doing the unspeakable to help Trump

This past Wednesday ‘The New York Post’ published a report under the title “Biden’s secret emails” referring to the emails with which Hunter Biden he had put his father in touch with a Ukrainian businessman when he was vice president. Although the Post relied on unproven documents that appear to have been provided by Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, Biden’s team has denied that such a meeting took place. The matter has passed without pain or glory and it already sounds like a song too repeated and little documented.

Argemino Barro. New York

The pandemic has become the narrative axis of the elections. Trump tries to subdue the virus, at least in his rhetoric and in his own body. SARS-CoV-2, however, is not intimidated

According to ‘The Daily Beast’, crisis entre Trump y Murdoch comes from the beginning of the pandemic, and has apparently been compounded by the Republican’s constant complaints against the FOX television channel. Something difficult to understand because with some honorable exceptions, the journalists of this channel are practically doing White House spokesmen. But the reality is that the 89-year-old billionaire has let this iceberg as a leaked horoscope it is fully embedded in the entire bow of the ship of which in its day it was its protégé.

Donald Trump durante un mitin. (Reuters)Donald Trump durante un mitin. (Reuters)
Donald Trump durante un mitin. (Reuters)

And it is not the first time that he has put his hand on the crystal ball and goes off the hook with an electoral advance. He hit the Obama’s victory in 2008, something that was not so difficult to overtake either. But today our reality is as volatile as it is terrifying and although the Republicans remain hopeful in a replica of the unexpected victory of four years ago, everything indicates that they paint clubs, cold and ice for Donald Trump. The really cold will come later. Because no matter how much polls, town halls, the media, social networks, movie stars, rallies, even the coming to power in the Supreme Court augur victories and defeats, there will be nothing to celebrate.

Republicans remain hopeful in a replica of the unexpected victory of four years ago, everything indicates that they paint coarse, cold and ice

Because the efforts put into evicting Donald Trump from the Oval Office are not reverting to creating an alternative that knows (and may) lead this country for the next four years. There will be no time or money to be able to get into puddles like repealing Obamacare as the Republicans promise or improving it until it reaches a kind of universal health as the democrats claim. Nor will anything be done to modify a comma from the current abortion legislation, although they assure that for that’s for Judge Barrett and you will disappoint all those who have unfairly turned you into a demon as well as those who demand that you be a cross between Santa Teresa and the best law firm in the world.

Unfortunately, this will not be in 2021 for new crossings. Because a quarter of American consumers say they have less than three weeks before let your cash run out, according to Credit Karma. This would affect millions of people who are doing a handstand with their finances after the soaring unemployment figures continue to worsen. And is that this report indicates that one in five Americans could run out of money before election day.

And this, apart from the other dramas, will make this country where dreams come true, an endless nightmare. The better world to which we all aspire is going to stand still while it can only concentrate its forces on surviving. Women and children will not be the first. Because of the mortally wounded ship, they are jumping the rich and powerful first and Murdoch, the great tycoon on the right, have already settled on another ship that, so far, has not swallowed the ice. Because the Democrats, if they win, will have to get too many out of the water and there aren’t any floats for everyone. And the Republicans are spending their entire fortune saving their furniture. For each other, we will see how long this movie lasts. I imagine her clinging to a board and her lips purple with cold.


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