Sir Andy Murray has announced that he will take a short break from tennis as he and his wife wait for their third child.

The two-time Wimbledon champion plans a month-long break after the European Open next week, but is prepared to leave Antwerp prematurely when Kim (31) goes into labor.

He told The Times, "Obviously the baby can come anytime from next week.

"I would adjust my schedule if I could not go to Antwerp.

"My plan is to play against Antwerp and then I'm done with the Davis Cup.

"If the baby comes early, I would miss Antwerp and then maybe play at the Paris Masters."

Sir Andy, 32, and Kim are already parents of the three daughters Sophia and Edie, who turn two next month.

Three-time Grand Slam champion Sir Andy takes 289th place worldwide after returning from a hip injury that could have ended his career.

He said, "I am surprised how smoothly (my return) has gone.

"I've been in great pain for two years after every game, now I'm playing a match, my body hurts, I have back pain, my muscles are tired and things like that, but my hip is fine and I could not as it was before.

"I've been competitive so far, so if I can improve a few things in the next few months, then maybe there's an outside chance I'll get over there."

"I want to compete against the best players at the big events, I'm not there yet, but I'm closer than a month ago and a lot closer than a few months ago."