Mutual bombings between Damascus forces and Turkish gangs in Idlib – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey, calling themselves the “Al-Fateh Al-Mubin Operations Room”, shelled the sites of Damascus government forces on the southern front line of Idlib in the “De-escalation” area.

On the other hand, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the Damascus government forces renewed their missile attacks after midnight and this morning, in areas in Kansafra, Sufuhn, al-Fatira, Falifel and Majdaliya, in the southern field. Idlib, no information on casualties.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory documented the killing of 3 mercenaries from Hurras al-Din on an axis in the plain of al-Ghab, when they fell into a minefield, while trying to infiltrate the positions of government forces.

The Syrian Observatory monitored government forces artillery shelling against the Kabanah shafts in the Latakia countryside and the al-Ghab plain shafts in the northwestern Hama countryside, as well as the towns and cities of Jabal al- Zawiya in the countryside of southern Idlib.



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