“MyPillow Guy” complains that loyalty to Trump is costing him a lot of money; faces millionaire lawsuit

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The CEO of MyPillow.com , seemingly frustrated, approached Trump toward the end of his presidency.

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The CEO of MyPillow.comSeemingly frustrated, he approached Trump toward the end of his presidency.

((AFP via Getty Images))

Words have consequences, even for the “boy from MyPillow”.

Mike Lindell, a loyal ally of the former president Donald Trump who has continued to promote blatantly false and discredited claims of rampant voter fraud, lamented his financial condition in a new interview after Dominion Voting Systems sued him Monday for $ 1.3 billion.

“I lost 20 retailers and this year it cost me $ 65 million that I won’t get back, okay?” Lindell told Insider after it was reported that the voting technology company sued him for making repeated false claims about his work in the 2020 US elections. “Here’s your story. Print it well. Don’t try to twist this. “

The CEO of MyPillow.comSeemingly frustrated, he approached Trump toward the end of his presidency and brought notes mentioning martial law to his meetings at the White House in the last weeks of the previous administration.

Lindell, whose pillow company earned him the nickname “MyPillow Guy” online by becoming a controversial political voice, advertised himself on the Internet. TV favorite of the former president and regularly appeared in Fox News and other means conservatives, stating without proof that Dominion Voting Systems had rigged the election against his friend and preferred candidate.

None of his claims was based on reality, Dominion attorneys argued in court documents Monday, writing: “Lindell, a talented salesman and former professional card accountant, sells lies to this day because lies sells pillows.”

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Tom Clare, a prominent Washington defamation attorney representing Dominion Voting Systems, wrote in the lawsuit: “After winning the Donald Trump endorsement jackpot for MyPillow and after a million dollar bet on the Fox News ads turned in good profits, Michael Lindell exploited another opportunity to boost sales: promote MyPillow to people who would tune in and attend rallies to hear Lindell tell the ‘Big Lie’ that Dominion had stolen the 2020 election. “.

Dominion has filed lawsuits against Fox News and the former president’s attorneys that also promoted false claims that Dominion Voting Systems had somehow rigged the election by tampering with the voting machines. There has been no evidence to support any claim of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 elections. In fact, the Justice Department and Trump’s Department of Homeland Security rated the recent elections as the safest in US history.

But that didn’t stop Lindell and others from continuing to promote the falsehoods. The pillow executive even invested his own money to produce (and star in) a two-hour documentary in which he apparently attempted to prove his false claims of voter fraud.

However, on Monday he acknowledged the fact that he has faced criticism and boycotts for his political conduct in the past, which has helped his business somewhat in the past, he said.

“When they boycott me, people tend to buy more pillows, at least in the short term,” he said. “They always give me a little nudge for a couple of days when they attack the company. But now this time it’s different. “

Lindell, who described himself as “not a stupid person” in the interview with Insider, added that he already has a team of lawyers working on the case after he was handed the papers Monday.


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